Wise Woman on the Rise: Meet Monica M. Morales

Jan 19, 2022Maria West0 comments

We're honored to feature #WiseWoman Monica M. Morales, a passionate affiliate-marketing manager, avid TikToker, and a self-described "Latina introvert" based in San Francisco.

Morales became involved early on with House of Wise after seeing a tweet from Amanda Goetz looking for influencer marketing help. "We hopped on a call, and she explained to me why she was building HoW and why a community was super important," Morales said. "I immediately fell in love with what she was doing and wanted to be part of it in any way possible."

We're glad she did — Morales was instrumental in HoW's initial community outreach efforts. She talked with women she thought fit HoW's mission and the Wise Women affiliate program.

Morales looks up to fellow Wise Woman, Latina, and HoW community manager Ingrid Read for championing community-building, especially through her Working Momkind platform.

What she's proud of

As an influencer marketer and content creator, Morales brings creative passion into her day job and personal time. She enjoys growing her career by working with creators and helping them make an income from doing what they love.

Being in this space inspires her own content, too. Morales was accepted into the exclusive TikTok Latinx Creatives incubator program, which provides investment and support for emerging Latinx creators on TikTok. She aspires to become a full-time content creator, and Wise Women are rooting for her.

Follow her on TikTok @monica.morales17.

Self-care and family

Besides feeling a burst of energy from filming the latest trends, this introvert enjoys relaxing with a coffee to rejuvenate. Morales likes to play board games with her boyfriend or watch Netflix, and her favorite HoW product is the Sex Gummies). Buy from Monica using her affiliate link!

Morales has stayed busy making moves (literally) — she and her boyfriend recently got an apartment together and have a new puppy, Skye, to make it feel even more like home.

We can’t wait to see what 2022 has in store for Monica. Follow along on Instagram and Twitter (@monicacr7) or TikTok (@monica.morales17).

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