Tips and Tricks for the Best Oral Sex Positions

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Explore top tips and positions for unforgettable oral pleasure. Elevate intimacy with our expert advice for you and your partner.

Mastering Oral Sex: Positions for Ultimate Pleasure

Mastering oral sex positions that maximize pleasure for both partners is an art that requires attentiveness, communication, and a spirit of exploration. It's not just about physical technique but also about understanding and responding to each other's needs and desires. 

Finding positions that offer both comfort and intense stimulation can transform oral sex into a deeply satisfying experience. This journey of discovery is an opportunity to deepen intimacy, as each partner learns to give and receive pleasure in ways that are both generous and attuned to the other's cues.

oral sex positions

The ultimate pleasure in oral sex comes from a combination of the right position, the right mood, and a keen sense of what excites your partner. Whether it's experimenting with angles that offer new sensations or adjusting to what feels best in the moment, the goal is to create an experience that feels transcendent for both the giver and the receiver. 

Top Best Oral Sex Positions

Exploring the top best oral sex positions offers a roadmap to varied pleasures that cater to different preferences and dynamics. Each position has its unique benefits, from those that allow for deeper penetration and more intense stimulation to those that prioritize comfort, eye contact, and emotional closeness.

On Your Stomach

In this position, you lie flat on your belly with your legs apart and your hips slightly raised, perhaps with the aid of a pillow for added comfort. This setup is particularly favorable for individuals with vulvas, as it allows the partner to perform oral sex from behind. Additionally, it offers the opportunity for self-pleasure using either toys or hands. 

This position is not only conducive to oral stimulation but is also well-suited for those interested in exploring rimming. Compared to traditional doggy style, this position is more comfortable for the giver, as it doesn't require them to maintain an arched or elevated stance. Yet, it still affords access to all the same areas of the receiver's body, making it a versatile and pleasurable option.

The 69

The 69 position involves both partners positioning themselves on top of each other in opposite directions, allowing simultaneous access to each other’s genitals, a setup many find highly arousing due to the concurrent giving and receiving. Typically, one partner reclines while the other positions themselves above, knees flanking the lower partner's head. This configuration is versatile, suitable for anyone interested in giving or receiving oral pleasure, regardless of gender.

Despite its popularity, the 69 position does present challenges, such as discomfort in maintaining the pose and the difficulty of focusing on both giving and receiving pleasure simultaneously. To alleviate these issues, couples might try lying side by side, which eases neck strain. An alternative is the 68 position, a slight adjustment where one partner lies flat while the other, also on their back, positions themselves so their genitals are aligned with their partner’s face. This variation allows for teasing and control over the intensity, offering a more comfortable experience for both partners.

Face Sitting (Queening)

Face sitting, often referred to as queening, involves one partner positioning themselves atop the other’s face, allowing for direct oral access to the genitals. This position empowers the receiver to actively engage by moving or grinding their hips, introducing an element of interactivity and control. 

It’s particularly appealing for those intrigued by dynamics of domination and submission, adding an erotic layer to the experience. For those seeking to make this a comfortable position for blowjobs, adjusting the sitting angle to "feed" the penis into the giver's mouth can minimize neck strain and ensure safety.

The Classic

This timeless and uncomplicated position involves lying back and receiving pleasure, suitable for anyone regardless of their anatomy. The receiver relaxes on a bed or couch while their partner positions themselves between the receiver’s legs to perform oral sex. 

Esteemed for its comfort for both parties, enhancements like a pillow under the hips can optimize access and pleasure. Variations in leg positioning—bent knees, flat on the bed, or wrapped around the partner’s head—can adjust the experience to suit personal preferences.

Sit & Kneel

In this dynamic, the receiver sits on the edge of a sturdy surface while the giver kneels before them, facilitating direct oral pleasure. This setup is versatile, ideal for stimulating either a penis or a vulva. 

To enhance comfort, the giver might use a pillow under their knees, whereas the receiver can adjust their leg positioning, such as placing a foot on the giver’s shoulder, for deeper access. This position is praised for allowing free use of hands, enabling additional stimulation of sensitive areas or the incorporation of sex toys, thus enriching the oral experience.

The Giraffe

This oral position involves one partner lying on their back near the edge of a bed, allowing their head to extend slightly beyond. The standing partner then positions themselves so their genital area is directly above the lying partner's face. This setup offers a unique perspective and access for the receiver while also giving the giver an opportunity to pleasure additional areas. 

Though it might present a challenge for neck comfort, slight adjustments, such as the top partner guiding their penis for a more comfortable reach, can enhance the experience for both. Additionally, this position can be modified to a mutual oral pleasure scenario, akin to a standing 69, by adjusting the body alignment.

The Kivin Method

This technique adds a twist to traditional oral by positioning the giver at a perpendicular angle to the receiver, who lies on their back. This sideways approach allows for a varied stimulation experience, potentially increasing pleasure through enhanced clitoral stimulation. 

The receiver can enhance access by draping a leg over the giver's neck, opening up for more intense pleasure. This method is notable for its ability to offer direct stimulation in a unique manner, which can be especially effective for clitoral arousal.

Doggy Style Oral

This oral position misdescription seems to replicate the Giraffe's setup rather than traditional doggy style. It involves one partner lying back with their head off the bed's edge while the other stands to receive oral pleasure. This position allows for deep access and provides a stimulating view for the top partner, enhancing visual arousal. 

To address the giver's comfort and prevent neck strain, modifications such as adjusting the height or using hands for support can be beneficial. Additionally, incorporating toys, such as butt plugs, can maximize pleasure for the receiver, making this a versatile option for adventurous pairs.

Standing Up

Standing oral sex brings an element of dominance and power play, with the receiver standing and leaning against a wall while the giver kneels or sits below. This position is suitable for both penis and vulva owners and can be enjoyed in various environments, adding a spontaneous and thrilling edge to oral sex. 

For added comfort, especially on hard surfaces, using a pillow beneath the knees of the giver is recommended. Leaning against a stable surface not only aids in maintaining balance but also intensifies the experience as climax approaches, making it a dynamic and exciting choice for couples seeking to add power dynamics into their oral play.

Tips & Tricks

oral sex positions
  • Communicate Openly: Before diving in, discuss preferences and comfort levels. Open communication ensures a more enjoyable experience for both partners.
  • Use Pillows for Support: Pillows can be a game-changer for comfort and angle adjustment, making positions more enjoyable and sustainable.
  • Switch Up the Locations: Don’t confine your experiences to just one place. Exploring different locations within your home can add an element of excitement.
  • Incorporate Toys: Adding vibrators or other toys into oral play can enhance the experience, providing additional stimulation and pleasure.
  • Take Breaks if Needed: It’s okay to pause or switch positions if any discomfort arises. Comfort should always be a priority for both partners.
  • Focus on the Journey, Not Just the Destination: Enjoy the act itself without rushing towards the climax. The build-up of pleasure is often as enjoyable as the climax.
  • Experiment with Temperatures: Playing with hot and cold sensations, such as warm tea or ice cubes, can add a thrilling dimension to oral sex.
  • Keep Hygiene in Mind: Ensuring cleanliness before oral sex enhances comfort and enjoyment for both the giver and receiver.
  • Learn from Each Other: Be open to learning and trying out what your partner enjoys. Each person’s preferences are unique.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: Like any other skill, improving your technique comes with practice and patience. Keep exploring and have fun with it.

How To Add Creativity in Oral Sex Positions

Injecting creativity into oral sex positions can significantly enhance the experience, making each encounter unique and thrilling. According to some studies, oral sex improves relationship quality and well-being among couples. 

Trying new locations, experimenting with different times of day, and incorporating playful challenges can add an element of excitement and novelty. It's about breaking out of routines and exploring the boundaries of pleasure together, using imagination as a tool to deepen intimacy and satisfaction.

  • Explore different settings beyond the bedroom to add excitement.
  • Experiment with timing, such as spontaneous morning sessions or relaxed evening encounters.
  • Introduce playful elements like blindfolds or games to increase anticipation.
  • Use technology, like erotic audio or literature, to inspire new experiences.
  • Always prioritize comfort and consent, ensuring both partners feel safe and engaged.

Bringing creativity to oral sex means being open to exploration and feedback. It’s about fostering an environment where both partners feel free to express their desires and curiosities. This approach not only enhances the physical aspects of oral sex but also strengthens the emotional and psychological connections, making each experience more meaningful and enjoyable.

The Role of Accessories: Elevating Oral Sex with Products

Incorporating sex products such as gummies and candles can elevate the oral sex experience by enhancing arousal and setting a sensual ambiance. Sex gummies, with their ability to potentially boost libido and stamina, offer a simple and enjoyable way to intensify the experience. Meanwhile, the soft glow and alluring scents of sex candles can transform the space into a haven of sensuality, making every touch and sensation even more potent.

Incorporating Sex Gummies for Enhanced Arousal

Sex gummies are designed to enhance arousal and pleasure, offering an easy and discreet way to elevate the oral sex experience. By engaging the body’s senses and potentially increasing stamina, these gummies can make each moment more intense and satisfying. It’s an innovative approach to enhancing sexual enjoyment, adding a layer of excitement to the anticipation of intimacy.

Using Sex Candles for Sensory Play and Ambiance

Sex candles are not just about lighting; they are a multi-sensory experience that can significantly enhance the mood for oral sex. The flickering light, combined with captivating fragrances, creates an atmosphere that stimulates the senses, making each caress and kiss feel more intense. This sensory play sets the stage for unforgettable experiences, deepening the connection and pleasure shared between partners.

Comparison Table: Sex Products 

Product Type




Sex Gummies

Enhance arousal

Boost libido, quick effect

Check ingredients for allergies

Sex Candles

Set ambiance

Sensual lighting, aromatic

Ensure safe distance from skin

CBD Lube

Reduce discomfort, enhance pleasure

Relaxation, increased sensitivity

Compatibility with condoms/toys


Direct stimulation

Intense pleasure, varied settings

Noise level, battery life

Bondage Gear

Explore power dynamics

Intensify experience, trust building

Establish safe words, comfort levels

Massage Oils

Sensual foreplay

Relaxation, skin nourishment

Allergy to ingredients, stain fabrics

Why Oral Sex Positions are Important for Good Sex

Oral sex positions significantly influence the level of comfort, pleasure, and intimacy experienced by both partners. The right position can not only make the act more enjoyable by allowing for greater access and stimulation but also by fostering a deeper emotional connection through eye contact and physical closeness. Positions tailored to each partner's physical needs and preferences ensure that both individuals can fully engage in and enjoy the moment, making each encounter both satisfying and memorable.

oral sex positions

The importance of exploring different oral sex positions lies in the varied experiences and sensations they offer. Experimenting with positions can lead to the discovery of new pleasures and preferences, enhancing the sexual repertoire of both partners.

Moreover, being open and willing to try different positions demonstrates a commitment to mutual satisfaction and is a key aspect of a healthy sexual relationship. By prioritizing comfort, communication, and exploration, couples can ensure that their oral sex experiences are always fulfilling and enjoyable.

Men vs Women: Who Enjoys Oral Sex Positions More?

The enjoyment of oral sex and preferences for certain positions vary widely among individuals, transcending simple gender comparisons. Factors such as personal comfort, past experiences, and specific likes or dislikes play a significant role in determining one's preference for oral sex positions.

While some might find certain positions more pleasurable or satisfying, others may prioritize emotional connection and intimacy over physical pleasure. The key to a rewarding oral sex experience lies in open communication and a willingness to explore and adapt to each partner's needs and desires.

It's essential to approach the topic of oral sex without preconceived notions of gender-based preferences. Each person's sexual desires and pleasures are unique, and assuming that one gender enjoys oral sex or certain positions more than the other can lead to misunderstandings and missed opportunities for pleasure. Instead, focusing on creating a comfortable, enjoyable, and satisfying experience for all involved, regardless of gender, is crucial.

Final Thoughts

Exploring the world of oral sex with an open mind, a spirit of adventure, and a commitment to mutual satisfaction can significantly enhance the sexual experience for both partners. 

By mastering various positions, embracing creativity, and incorporating accessories for added pleasure, individuals can deepen their connection and enjoy a more fulfilling sex life. 

Remember, the key to great oral sex lies in communication, understanding, and respect for each other's desires and boundaries. As you continue on this journey of exploration, keep an open dialogue and maintain a sense of curiosity, and you'll find that the possibilities for pleasure are endless.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can oral sex help improve intimacy in a relationship?

A: Yes, it fosters emotional connection and trust, enhancing overall intimacy.

Q: How often should couples incorporate oral sex into their routine?

A: There's no set frequency; it should be based on mutual desire and comfort levels.

Q: Are flavored lubricants safe for oral sex?

A: Yes, but choose products specifically designed for oral use and check for any potential allergens.

Q: What can we do if one partner is hesitant about oral sex?

A: Communicate openly, never pressure, and explore educational resources together to address concerns and build comfort.

Q: Is it normal for preferences in oral sex positions to change over time?

A: Absolutely, sexual preferences can evolve with experience, communication, and changing physical or emotional needs.

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