Here’s How to Level Up Your Bedtime Routine

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There’s nothing like that end-of-the-day feeling of crawling into bed. But 1 in 3 Americans is not regularly getting enough sleep. When it comes to your zzz’s, quality and quantity matter. A solid nighttime routine can help your body relax, prepare for REM sleep, and feel refreshed upon waking. 

Sleep deprivation takes a toll

The proven negative effects of sleep deprivation are hard to ignore. Even just a few hours less than the recommended seven to nine hours per night can make a significant impact on your daily life. Poor sleep has been correlated with health issues like: 

  • Grogginess
  • Obesity 
  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Stroke 

Of course, there will be nights or seasons when getting at least seven hours isn’t an option (new parents, I’m looking at you).

A regular nighttime schedule, even if it’s short, can put the focus on quality vs. quantity. No elaborate rituals required.

It’s time to turn off Netflix and start getting serious about your sleep habits. Here’s how we recommend approaching your evening for maximum sweet dreams. 

Make bedtime something to look forward to

Fill your nightly routine with exciting moments like a hot bubble bath, 20 minutes with a romance novel, or sleepytime tea. Routine helps your body anticipate what’s next (like deep ZZZs), and it will get easier with time. We promise.

Set an alarm for waking up and winding down

Even if you swear your internal clock is punctual, set the damn alarm. We love iPhone’s Bedtime feature, which helps you set a consistent sleep schedule and automatically puts your phone on Do Not Disturb. 

Take SLEEP CBD gummies before bed

People are replacing their sleep aids with CBD oil. Hemp-derived cannabidiol (aka CBD) doesn’t get you high like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) found in marijuana but naturally promotes relaxation. Paired with melatonin, CBD oil can aid in combating anxiety and insomnia that mess with our sleep.

A flavored CBD tincture or gummy CBD like House of Wise SLEEP products make for an easy part of your routine (and a treat). Plan your CBD dose 45 minutes before hitting the sack. As you go about the rest of your bedtime routine, the CBD/melatonin combo will have time to impact your nervous system and circadian rhythms. 

Experiment with dosing, starting small then working your way up. Research shows people who use CBD oil for sleep may not experience immediate effects, so don’t give up if you don’t turn into Sleeping Beauty after the first use. 

Here’s what HoW fan Kelly B. says about SLEEP gummies:

“Unemployment + stress + anxiety has rocked my sleep schedule for the last 6 months. I toss and turn until 3 a.m., then can't seem to wake up until after 10 a.m., feeling groggy and guilty for sleeping in so late, thus keeping me in the cycle of anxiety and depression.  

“One SLEEP gummy an hour before bed and a STRESS drop in the morning has made me more relaxed, calmer, focused, and more productive. I have tried lots of melatonins before, and they always left me fatigued and groggy the next morning. Not this one. I've also tried lots of CBD products out there, and I can confidently say House of Wise has hit the nail on the head." - Kelly B. 

Read more about how CBD makes you feel as told by our Wise Women.

Wind down and create boundaries around your mental space

Stop reading emails. Turn off the news (yes, even Twitter). It can all wait. The best favor you can do yourself is going into your phone settings and limiting your notifications. Remove the temptation by putting away your laptop or phone at a certain time every night (e.g. two hours before bed).  

Amanda’s pro-sleep routine

House of Wise founder Amanda Goetz knows sleep is crucial to slaying the day. That’s why she takes things seriously when it comes to a calming night routine that even late-night toddler nightmares can’t throw off. Here’s how she gets ready to hit the sack:


Put kids to bed (following their own routines, of course!)


Take House of Wise SLEEP CBD gummy or tincture


Soak in a bath loaded with bubbles


Read a book while wearing a face mask (not the pandemic kind)


Turn lights out for bed

Wake up, kick ass, repeat. 

If you’ve tried adjusting your bedtime routine, cutting out the bad stuff, and still experience trouble sleeping, talk to a professional to see if there may be underlying causes. Life’s too short for shitty sleep. 

Shop House of Wise SLEEP CBD gummies and tinctures to level up your nighttime routine. 

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