“How Does She Do It All?” Clubhouse Series: Rachel Hofstetter

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We’re back again with the big question: “How does she do it all?” Successful women don’t. They prioritize and ask for help, and we’re here to normalize that convo. 

ICYMI: House of Wise went live on Clubhouse with Rachel Hofstetter for a 30-minute empowerment convo. Clubhouse is an audio-only social platform for participants to drop into rooms of various topics. 

"How Does She Do It All?" Clubhouse Series: Rachel Hofstetter

Setting the stage

Amanda Goetz, House of Wise’s founder, Maria West, head of content, and Jess, our head of social, spoke with special guest Rachel Hofstetter. 

About the series 

This monthly series sets out to interview women who seemingly have it all together. 

There's tons of articles that say: “Women have it all! Just look — they're working, they’re mothering, they're homeschooling.” As Amanda says, we’re learning that that is bullshit. You can't have it all without help.  

So we want to know: how is that actually happening? This interview series dives into that.

About our special guest: Rachel Hofstetter

Rachel is many things. Published author (Cooking up a Business), previously an editor at O, the Oprah Magazine, and founder of Guesterly. Today she's CMO of Chatbooks and a mom living in Salt Lake City. 

Here are our favorite highlights from our interview with Rachel on Clubhouse.

What does it mean to have it all?

A lot of people feel triggered by those words. But not Rachel.

“I get to define what that means to me,” says Rachel,  “I get to choose what I care about in every season of my life. Growing my company. Building relationships with my family. Exercising. Eating healthy food. Getting good sleep.” 

“If money can solve it, it’s not a problem.”

This was one of our favorite quotes from Rachel. As she explains, there’s no point in allowing yourself to get stressed by something if a little bit of money can fix it. You have to value yourself and your time...and know what they’re worth. 

Outsourcing is essential

As a mom, published author, and successful businesswoman, Rachel has a lot on her plate. She gets that balance just right by outsourcing childcare.  

“I have a full-time nanny who is great with my kids. She’s better than I am with them! That gives me the mental space to focus on work, go on a run, or even just do nothing.” 

This way, when she actually spends time with her family, it’s quality time. That makes her a better mom at the end of the day.

Staying in the moment

If you want to have it all, you have to stay in the moment. 

  • Remember, this is the life you wanted. For example, when you’re cleaning up after your kid’s highchair mess, you can think to yourself, “Oh, this is horrible” or “This is the life I always wanted.” No matter what you want in life, there’s always going to be maintenance. Don’t let yourself get lost in that; focus on the bigger picture.

  • Say no to notifications. Rachel turns them off everywhere: on her phone and on her computer (can you imagine the zen?!). She deletes the Slack app off her phone every weekend. Even if she reinstalls it on Monday, getting rid of mindless distractions is important for focus.

  • Career advice for family- and career-minded women

    Rachel says having a strong career base before you have kids is a great idea.

     “If you can build up your reputation, your equity at work...that gives you autonomy; that gives you respect.”

    Rachel said that if you've got equity at work, nobody is going to blink if you have to leave at 4:00 pm to be with your kids. She went on to say that when you’ve got enough equity built up, you’ll be trusted to get work done on your own time.

    Treat yourself!

    Self-care for Rachel boils down to a few simple basics: “Sleep. Exercise. Healthy food. Relationships. If I can do those four things, that’s the base. Give me those four and I’m pretty happy,” she said.

    Other treats she recommends:

  • A $25 bottle of wine. Pricey enough to feel like a treat, but not so expensive that you feel decadent. 

  • Frozen vegetables. Chuck them in the microwave, throw ‘em in a bowl for lunch with some eggs and some hot sauce. Pre-chopped, pre-frozen, so healthy, and always in your freezer so there are no excuses.

  • Peloton. Exercise is critical. Bonus tip: if you have a Chase Sapphire Reserve card, you can get the $13 monthly fee refunded.

  • Where to find Rachel

    We could’ve chatted with Rachel all day, but 30 minutes was all we had (and they were good ones). For updates on our next “How Does She Do It All?” Clubhouse series, follow House of Wise on Twitter and Instagram (@house__of__wise). 

    You can also follow Amanda (@amandagoetz) and Maria (@mariawest) on Clubhouse.

    About Wise Women Wednesday: We ask: How does she do it? Every month we interview women who are juggling it all. This is our space for real access and insights into women who juggle kids/careers/life and seemingly do it all.

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