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Can't slow your brain down? We can.

Take control of your stress with House of Wise Stress gummies, the perfect solution for when life gets overwhelming. Packed with 100mg of L-theanine, an amino acid known for promoting calmness and focus, these gummies will help you tackle your day with ease. And with 15mg of Full Spectrum hemp-derived CBD in every gummy, you can experience the added benefits of natural relaxation and stress relief.

Say goodbye to anxiety and hello to a more balanced, centered you. Each box contains 10 gummies, so you can easily take them on-the-go and conquer any situation that comes your way. Order now and start living your best, stress-free life.

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House of Wise Stress gummies are made of 100mg L-theanine to promote calm & focus + 15mg of Full Spectrum hemp-derived CBD in every gummy. Each box contains 10 gummies. 

Benefits of House of Wise Stress Gummies: 

  1. Promotes relaxation: L-theanine has been shown to have a calming effect, helping to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.
  2. Improves focus: L-theanine may also help to improve cognitive function, increasing focus and attention.
  3. Boosts mood: CBD has been shown to have mood-boosting properties, helping to alleviate feelings of stress and improve overall well-being.
  4. Supports healthy sleep: By promoting relaxation and reducing stress, these gummies may also help to improve sleep quality.
  5. Convenient and tasty: These gummies are easy to take on-the-go and have a delicious fruity flavor, making them a convenient and enjoyable way to manage stress.

Take one gummy, wait, and breathe. Do not exceed 2 servings per day.

All orders ship within 1-2 business days. Keep in mind we do not ship USPS or UPS on weekends or holidays.

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The customer is responsible for return shipping costs. When the product is received by House of Wise, we will process a refund. We accept returns for unopened packages and do not accept returns once the item has been opened.

We worry so you don't have to. 
Every ingredient used in our oils is derived from select hemp plant cultivated in the USA. They are all completely natural, organic, gluten-free and ethically sourced, with no additives or preservatives. Our products are lab tested to ensure purity and potency. 

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*All House of Wise CBD products contain 0.3% THC or less and are made from hemp-derived CBD from Denver, CO. These products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). House of Wise provides no medical advice and our products are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Always check with your physician before starting any new product especially if you are pregnant, nursing or have any pre-existing injuries or medical conditions.

*Do not drive or operate heavy machinery after taking SLEEP drops. Will cause drowsiness. 

Each batch is third-party tested and independently verified. 


CA Prop 65 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

Calm Your Mind and Relax Your Body

Our CBD Stress Gummies are specifically formulated to help you manage stress and find balance in your daily life. With a powerful blend of natural ingredients, including broad-spectrum CBD extract and L-Theanine, these gummies are the perfect addition to your self-care routine.

Ingredients and their benefits


An amino acid that is known to promote relaxation, reduce stress and anxiety, and improve mental focus and cognitive performance. It is commonly used in supplements and natural remedies for its calming effects on the mind and body.

Full Spectrum CBD

A non-psychoactive compound found in hemp plants that has been shown to help reduce anxiety, improve sleep quality, and promote a sense of calm and relaxation.

Full Spectrum CBD

CBD Stress Gummies

Serving Size 1 Gummy
CBD Content 15 mg per serving
Key Ingredients 100 mg L-theanine and 15 mg Full Spectrum hemp-derived CBD
Benefits • Promotes calm and focus
• Reduces stress and anxiety
• Supports a relaxed state of mind
Recommended Use Take 1 gummy daily as a dietary supplement, or as recommended by a physician.
Key Differences • Contains a larger quantity of L-theanine and a smaller quantity of CBD
• Does not contain caffeine
• Promotes calm and focus
When to Take As needed throughout the day to promote calm and focus, reduce stress and anxiety, and support a relaxed state of mind.
Why to Take To promote calm and focus, reduce stress and anxiety, and support a relaxed state of mind.
Can They Be Taken Together? Yes, stress gummies can be taken together with other House of Wise products for a more comprehensive approach to wellness. However, be sure to follow recommended serving sizes for each product.

Frequently Asked Questions

House of Wise Stress Gummies is designed to be your anti-stress hero. Customers have used our stress gummies to assist with or help begin their stress-relief journey. Our routine-based gummies are the perfect addition to your meditation ritual, yoga class, "me" time at night after a long day at work, or to remove those jitters from that interview you have coming up next week.

Follow the recommended dosing guidelines and enter the stress-free world with House of Wise

If combining our stress gummies with medications or treatments, It's important to speak with a healthcare professional before using any new supplement or medication.

The duration of the effects of House of Wise Stress gummies may vary from person to person, depending on various factors such as metabolism, body weight, and individual tolerance to CBD and other ingredients. Generally, the effects of the gummies can last for several hours after consumption, with some users reporting feeling calm and focused for up to 6-8 hours. However, it is important to note that the effects of the gummies may wear off sooner or later depending on the individual.

Additionally, it is important to follow the recommended dosage instructions provided on the product packaging to ensure the best results and minimize the risk of unwanted side effects. Taking more gummies than recommended or exceeding the daily dosage may not necessarily lead to better results and may even lead to adverse effects.

Overall, House of Wise Stress gummies are a safe and effective way to promote relaxation and focus during times of stress and anxiety. With their natural ingredients and convenient form, they offer a convenient and healthy alternative to traditional stress relief methods.

To maintain the quality and potency of our CBD stress gummies, it is recommended that you store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or heat. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not use if the packaging is damaged or if the expiration date has passed.

CBD stress gummies work by combining the natural properties of CBD with other carefully chosen ingredients to help alleviate stress and anxiety. CBD is known to interact with the body's endocannabinoid system, which plays a crucial role in regulating stress levels and anxiety.

When CBD is consumed in the form of stress gummies, it binds with the receptors in the endocannabinoid system, triggering a calming and relaxing effect. This can help alleviate symptoms of stress and anxiety, such as racing thoughts, nervousness, and irritability.

Additionally, CBD stress gummies can also promote better sleep, which is essential for reducing stress levels and improving overall well-being. By helping you to get a good night's sleep, these gummies can leave you feeling refreshed, energized, and ready to take on the day.

House of Wise Stress Gummies are made with two key ingredients - 100mg of L-theanine and 15mg of Full Spectrum hemp-derived CBD oil in each gummy. L-theanine is an amino acid found in green tea leaves and is known to promote relaxation and a sense of calmness. It has been shown to increase alpha waves in the brain, which are associated with a state of relaxation and mental alertness.

The Full Spectrum hemp-derived CBD oil used in these gummies is extracted from the hemp plant, which is a variety of the cannabis plant. It is rich in cannabinoids, including CBD, which interact with the body's endocannabinoid system to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and improve overall well-being. Full Spectrum hemp-derived CBD oil contains a range of beneficial plant compounds, including terpenes, flavonoids, and other cannabinoids, which work together to enhance its therapeutic effects.

These gummies are made with natural, high-quality ingredients and are free from artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. They are also vegan and gluten-free, making them suitable for a wide range of dietary requirements. Whether you're dealing with stress at work, difficulty focusing, or simply need a little help relaxing after a long day, House of Wise Stress Gummies offer a natural, effective way to promote calmness and balance in your daily life.

The safety of stress gummies will depend on the specific product and the individual taking them. House of Wise Stress Gummies is safe to ingest. We recommend following our dosing guidelines. It is also important to speak with a healthcare professional before using any new supplement or medication, especially if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have a pre-existing medical condition.

House of Wise stress gummies are different from others on the market in a few key ways:

High-quality, natural ingredients: Our stress gummies are made with high-quality, natural ingredients that are carefully chosen for their calming and soothing properties. We use premium, broad-spectrum CBD oil derived from organic hemp plants, and our gummies are free from artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives.

Precise dosing: Each of our stress gummies contains a precise dose of CBD, so you can be confident in the consistency and effectiveness of each serving. Our gummies are available in two strengths: 10mg and 25mg per serving.

Customized formulations: Our stress gummies are formulated with specific blends of natural ingredients to target different types of stress and anxiety. For example, our "Daily Calm" gummies are designed to help promote relaxation and reduce stress, while our "Sleep Tight" gummies contain additional ingredients like melatonin and chamomile to help promote better sleep.

Sustainability: We are committed to sustainability and use eco-friendly packaging and production methods whenever possible. Our stress gummies are packaged in recyclable containers, and our CBD oil is extracted using a clean CO2 extraction method.

Overall, House of Wise stress gummies offer a high-quality, natural, and women-focused solution for managing stress and anxiety. Our precise dosing and customized formulations, along with our commitment to sustainability, set us apart from other stress gummies on the market.

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Chablis D.
United States United States

This was right in time

My wife ordered these for me and I could tell a significant difference in my stress level.

Danette W.
United States United States

Better than anything I’ve tried!

As a mom, dog mom, cat mom, dance mom, entrepreneur and small business owner, well stress is my middle name. So I had to give these a try and I was not disappointed. I felt so much more relaxed and calm, they are perfect for the end of a stressful and exhausting day. It’s a must try!

K D.
United States United States

The Holy Grail for Stress

When I initially tried the stress, Gummies, I was almost in disbelief at how great they worked, and how great I felt. I am a person that has been on prescribed medication for several years for my anxiety, and it only took half a gummy for me to feel the effects. I have been telling everyone I know about this product, and I am officially a groupie of these products!


Love these

Love the stress gummies, my favorite house of wise flavor and they do have a nice calming effect. I normally take them later in the day, because they can make me a bit sleepy.

Mitz C.
Seattle, Washington, United States


Bought them for a friend, and the feedback I got was: ‘I love you’, so they must be great!! I give them 11 stars out of 5!