CBD Is Better Than Wine: Wise Women Weigh In

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The benefits of swapping CBD for wine are so overwhelming that we need a STRESS gummy to dig into the data. But how does the switch affect daily routines? We asked our community of Wise Women about their CBD and alcohol consumption habits to find out. Here’s what they shared.


What is one situation in which you used to drink alcohol but now you use CBD?

The most common scenario for replacing CBD for alcohol is winding down after a stressful day of work. The “wine down” is a cultural norm that tells women, “You deserve this.” We deserve a lot of things, but a headache ain’t one.

Consuming alcohol while stressed can lead to binge drinking, crappy sleep, bloating, headaches, and hangovers. Definitely not the best way to celebrate a hard day’s work, if you ask us. CBD doesn’t have those effects. Here were some of our favorite responses:

“I take CBD for all the moments in which I wanted to reach for a vice like alcohol but had other things to take care of. When I'm having a really stressful workday, I don't want a midday drink, but I want all the feelings of relaxation and the ‘not giving a shit’ attitude. CBD allows me to have that release while still keeping track of the task at hand.”

“After a stressful day at work, I used to automatically turn to alcohol when I got home. Now, I enjoy CBD instead because it does not make you feel bloated like alcohol and there is no hangover. Instead, the CBD just relaxes me.”

“I used to crave a strong drink after a long hard day at work or with the kids, then end up having too many drinks as a result because I wanted to feel better.”

“After work, especially working from home, the day never seems to end. I move from the desk to the couch with my laptop and used to also have a glass of wine in hand to wind down and relax while I shoot out emails. Now I use CBD and it provides a more calming and peaceful effect! Added benefit of not getting a headache the next day!”


How is your sleep different when you drink alcohol at night vs. when you take SLEEP gummies/drops?

Using alcohol for good sleep is the myth of the century. Sure, you can knock yourself out quickly, but you may pay for it in the morning (or middle of the night). These Wise Women feel the same.

CBD gummies or drops like the House of Wise SLEEP line help these women fall and stay asleep:

“I wake up groggy when I drink or even with a headache. It takes me longer to fall asleep and rarely feel like I slept well. However, when I take SLEEP drops or gummies, I sleep deeper, longer, and wake up less. I wake up feeling clear-headed.”

“Alcohol makes it harder to get a full, quality night's sleep. SLEEP gummies don't do that. They help me to wind down and sleep well throughout the night.” 

“I did not realize it until I stopped drinking, but I slept TERRIBLY after drinking wine. I never slept soundly and often woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't fall back asleep. Now, I take CBD before bed every night and sleep soundly through the night (and fall back asleep quickly when I wake up for the bathroom) and have more vivid dreams, which I missed while drinking!”

“My sleep comes quickly both ways, but with alcohol it's not a restful slumber. I often feel a headache coming on as soon as I hit the pillow. Sometimes I even used to take precautionary ibuprofen before going to sleep just because I knew it was going to be bad. I would feel super groggy and dehydrated when I woke up, but with the SLEEP gummies, I feel clear-headed and content.”

“Sleep after drinking is the worst sleep I’ll ever get! It also throws my entire routine off balance and I tend to either wake up super early or want to sleep in super late. Huge no for me now. CBD, on the other hand, is anxiety-relieving and has no major effect on my wake-up time. It also helps me sleep soundly at night.”

“I have a Whoop, which tracks my sleep and recovery. My recovery is always under 25% with alcohol and above 75% with SLEEP drops. It’s insane.”

Tipsy/drunk sex vs. SEX gummy sex: what's the difference?

CBD lets you say “thanks for the memories,” while alcohol leaves you with a dizzy head and less-than-memorable love making. Enter: SEX gummies. These yummy CBD treats are here for a good time (solo or with a partner, of course). Here’s what our respondents said:

“I don't feel a little sick while I have sex now [like with alcohol].”

“Solo play has been much more enjoyable with SEX gummies and arousal oil. I have a bit of anxiety in the bedroom already due to past trauma, and in my experience, CBD helps with confidence, lubrication, and desire.”

“My husband doesn't drink. He just doesn't like the taste and the effects of alcohol. He's also never had THC or other substances. I somehow convinced him to try the SEX gummies with me, and it was such a fun experience that we got to share! That's the difference for me: being able to have a low-key, sensual night together with heightened mutual feelings instead of just me being under the influence and feeling like I have a muted experience.”

“Tipsy/drunk sex tends to result in me becoming extremely sleepy or falling asleep. CBD just relaxes me and removes my anxiety.”

“When you have tipsy/drunk sex, you remember having sex but don't necessarily remember the feeling in the moment. With SEX gummies, I feel more relaxed, and the sex is more enjoyable.”

How has your routine changed since you started using House of Wise products?

“I use House of Wise CBD products to treat myself, whether it's to sleep better, deal more acutely with stressors, or have more pleasure in bed.”

“I’m cutting calories by drinking less at night.”

“I feel more present and in control. If I'm having a busy day, I know I can pause, pop a stress gummy, do meditation, and move on owning my day. I also love the supportive community that comes with it. There's zero pressure to do anything you're uncomfortable with, just a ton of information and trailblazers ready to celebrate with you!”

“I rarely drink any alcohol now unless I’m on a trip. And I feel soo much better. Alcohol makes me bloated and swollen, and I end up eating poorly. With CBD, there aren’t any side effects like that.” 


The biggest trend? Less booze (or none at all)

86% of our Wise Women surveyed said they’ve cut back on alcohol consumption since using CBD, with 14% said they cut it out completely.

To be clear: there’s nothing wrong with wine after work, cocktails at the bar with your friends, or a few beers at the Fourth of July BBQ. You do you. We’re just here to highlight experiences from our community about swapping CBD for alcohol; we are not here to judge.

Thank you to our participants who allowed us to share their honest and vulnerable answers. You can shop from one (or all) of them here!

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