Becoming a House of Wise Affiliate
(aka a #wisewoman)

This company was built on the premise that real women can make real money selling the best products. That’s it. 

The best way to do that? Affiliate selling. An affiliate or referral business model gives women the chance to make a portion of sales without losing their profits to those above them. 

Here’s how the HOW affiliate model works. 

MLMs vs. HOW business model

MLMs (aka multi-level marketing businesses) are built on the premise that you have to recruit friends in order to make more $. 

These companies promise big bucks, but there’s a catch — you have to really make a lot of sales in order to get that cash. And that’s a big reason half of MLM reps give up in their first year, according to research by AARP Foundation.

No Upfront costs

House of Wise has no upfront costs. Some companies make you purchase starter kits and build an inventory which can cost anywhere from $50-$1,000+ (and even more before the internet took over). Simply Real Mom’s list of top MLM companies breaks down the typical cost and sales model you can expect from each. Many require recruiting to break even or earn a profit on your investment.  

For House of Wise affiliates, there’s no up-front costs. You can use your own affiliate link to buy your products to get cash back on all your purchases. Easy breazy. 

At House of Wise, Everyone Makes Money

Many MLM companies are set up so only a few at the top make most of the money while their worker bees bust ass to get sales and meet quotas. In fact, the AARP Foundation study showed 73% of MLM participants surveyed either lost money or broke even (aka lots of work but no profit). Yikes.

HOW doesn’t get you stuck in a rut with sales quotas just to take all of your profit. Sell as little or as much as you want. Get paid for what you sell. That’s it.

No Recruiting 

MLMs might place a big emphasis on recruiting new reps in order to make your commission. (Because we all have 400 BFFs, right?) As you can imagine, this makes it hard to recruit without pressuring or bothering your networks. Enter: Facebook DMs. 

HOW doesn’t require sellers to recruit. Introverts rejoice. We do, however, offer a little extra cash for seller referrals. This isn’t the bread and butter of the business like many MLMs, though. All sales can be made DM-free through your custom affiliate link.


MLMs are not illegal. However, pyramid schemes are illegal and may frame themselves as MLMs. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) investigates sketchy ones and tries to stay on top of shutting them down. But some may slip through the cracks. The FTC says to spot illegal pyramid schemes, read the fine print, ask all the questions, and practice healthy skepticism. 

HOW values transparency. In fact, you can have direct communication with our founders as a seller. Amanda’s email is - ask her yourself! There’s no fighting through layers of a pyramid or silly politics to get your questions answered. 

Learn from the best: Marketing classes for every House of Wise seller   

Amanda Goetz, Founder of House of Wise, has over 15 years of marketing experience and wants to share what she knows about building a company, a personal brand and social media marketing with the #wisewomen. 

As a House of Wise seller, you get access to weekly hangouts and classes about social media marketing and creating content that converts. You will also get access to a Slack group (a chat community of women all around the US selling House of Wise and sharing what works, what doesn’t). A rising tide lifts all ships. 

Choosing your hustle

MLMs are not inherently bad, but some of them may not be great for you. Unless you have unlimited friends, time, and inventory, it may take a while to profit. 

Here are 4 things to look for in your new side (or main) hustle and why HOW might be the best fit:

  1. A product you can believe in (and promote)

Look — if you’re not all in for what you’re selling, it’ll show. That’s why we’re 100% behind HOW products. They’re quality CBD products made here in the U.S. that we use and love ourselves. But we’re selling more than that. 

We’re selling a culture and community of badass women who can do all the things with a little help. And that’s worth promoting. 

  1. Community vs. competition

Catty chicks need not apply. HOW is built on the idea that women need each other to get by. Because we do. 

We throw parties, but not the kind where you corner your friends into buying products they’ll never use. Our weekly House Parties for our sellers are virtual hangouts where we network, chat, and share our wins (and lows). We’re all in this together.

  1. No quotas  

Sales and recruiting quotas are the easiest way to get screwed. That’s why HOW has zero. Sell one item? Great! Sell 1,000? Great, too! If you’re someone who thrives off of external motivation, we offer monthly incentives like VIP swag for our go-getters or a bonus for referring a friend.

  1. Ability to get out whenever you want

HOW lets you start and stop whenever you need to. Trust us — we know life isn’t always consistent (just ask our founder, single mom of three). Don’t get locked into a scheme where you’re stuck bleeding money with no end in sight. Our seller program is flexible and even applauds taking breaks whenever you need them. 

Sound like we’re a great fit? We’re looking for more Wise Women to join us. Learn more and submit your info to start earning real money on your schedule. 

Becoming a House of Wise Affiliate  (aka a #wisewoman)

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