We’re back again with the big question: “How does she do it all?” Successful women don’t. They prioritize and ask for help, and we’re here to normalize that convo. 

ICYMI: House of Wise went live on Clubhouse with Rachel Hofstetter for a 30-minute empowerment convo. Clubhouse is an audio-only social platform for participants to drop into rooms of various topics. 

By Maria West

At House of Wise, we stand for fairness, equality, and empowerment of women who want to take control of their lives. That’s why we’re a proud partner of Last Prisoner Project, a nonprofit organization fighting criminal injustice and reimagining drug policy specifically on cannabis-related incarceration.

Imagine if making a profit from a cannabis business landed you in jail for years. That’s why over 40,000 people in the U.S. are incarcerated — for something others are successfully building in public. 

By Maria West
Feeling frazzled, burnt out, and tense? Yeah, we feel ya. With all these TikTok self-care trends going on, it's a mystery why American's are feeling their highest levels of stress. Spoiler alert: it's because alone time in the shower or a 40-minute pedicure doesn't cure anything when we've been through so much. That's why we love to use CBD for stress, sex, and sleep routines on a regular basis -- because the craziness doesn't always go away, we just manage it better.  
By Maria West

It’s so close to spring that our morning coffee tastes like pollen. This time of year brings renewal and an energy that we haven’t been able to muster during most of 2021 thus far. But to harness that energy, we need rest. And really good rest. 

Wise Women know you don’t F around with the REM cycle. And since March is Sleep Awareness Month, it’s time to focus on ways to achieve a healthy sleep routine or empower someone else to champion their rest. We put together this gift guide for sleep products to help you celebrate all year. 

By Maria West
Did you know you can mix CBD with just about any drink? And not just your classic chasers like juice or lemonade. CBD oil, or cannabidiol, works with properties in caffeinated or even alcoholic drinks to balance your body’s response to these substances. Pour us an extra glass because this is the movement tea people, coffee drinkers, and happy-hour friends can all get behind.
By Maria West
CBD (cannabidiol) is taking the self-care industry by storm. But while you may be able to get oils, edibles, and vape easily over the counter, CBD dosing can be confusing for any buyer. If you’re ready to try CBD products, here’s what you need to know.
By Maria West
We know cannabidiol (CBD oil) has a long list of benefits from decades of scientific research. There’s still more to uncover, but the market is catching up. Health and wellness circles are prompting positive adoption and curiosity about using CBD as part of stress relief, nighttime, or intimacy routines. But as a cannabis product, there’s some confusion around it: can CBD oil get you high?
By Maria West


Our products are created from hemp plants grown on USDA Organic farms in Denver, CO. 
We never use pesticides or chemicals on our plants.


Full Spectrum hemp oil contains all the naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes in the hemp plant. Cannabinoids work with each other (called the "entourage effect").


We use advanced supercritical CO2 extraction to obtain a complete range of cannabinoids, terpenes, essential oils, and other beneficial phytonutrients. This yields a potent blend with no harsh chemicals.


Our hemp is organically grown, non-GMO, vegan and cruelty free.


Our products go through rigorous third party testing to ensure quality, consistency and potency.


We like to gloat that you won't get the bloat (the mom jokes are free). Enjoy our products guilt free and gluten free.

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