What Is the House of Wise CBD-Infused Sex Serum?

Jan 28, 2024Miguel Lozano0 comments

Chances are, you have incorporated lube into your sex life, but did you know that CBD is also a natural sex enhancer?

Sex Serum by House of Wise is a topical serum, made with 200mg of isolate CBD, that can be used as lube. Essentially, the serum provides extra lubrication and enhances your arousal by increasing blood flow, helping with muscle relaxation, and decreasing inflammation.

What Is the House of Wise Sex Serum?

The topical serum uses a blend of CBD and complementary active ingredients to enhance sensation and pleasure during intimacy — whether it's solo sex or partnered.

House of Wise Sex Serum is made using an original, vegan, plant-based formula that is pH-balanced to promote optimal levels of acid and bases in the blood at which the body functions best. It is latex-safe, clinically tested, and free of alcohol, petroleum-based ingredients, parabens, and dyes.

Each bottle of House of Wise Sex Serum contains 200mg of isolate CBD, ashwagandha, and calendula to soothe skin and provide antibacterial and antimicrobial balance, arnica for an anti-inflammatory effect, and antioxidants including algae, chamomile, and aloe vera extracts.

It is safe to ingest and is made with a hint of peppermint for added flavor and amplified cooling and tingling sensation. 

How to Use the Sex Serum

Dispense 2 to 3 pumps of serum and apply topically to targeted (genital) areas. Re-apply as needed. Each pump dispenses 0.2ml of serum containing 0.66 mg of hemp-derived CBD extract.

You can use the Sex Serum alone, with a partner, or with a vibrator. Our in-house sex expert Dr. Kate Balestrieri suggests taking yourself on a "sexual playdate" at home; try walking around the house without underwear and using the Sex Serum for a new sensation.

How CBD Enhances Your Sexual Experience

Several studies have suggested that CBD can deepen the sexual experience in numerous ways. CBD is thought to "interact with the parts of the brain associated with arousal," according to Dr. Balestrieri. "This can help someone with lower desire than is ideal for them to feel a jump in libido, whether for partnered sex or solo sex."

CBD can also help boost your confidence in the bedroom, relax, and enjoy sex more. The less stressed out you feel, the more you can relax in the moment and enjoy your sexual experience. CBD also increases blood flow, which increases sensitivity and pleasure potential.

The Benefits of Using Lube During Solo or Partnered Sex

Many ways using lube can enhance sexual pleasure, alone or with a partner. First and foremost, lube reduces friction, which makes sex safer and more pleasurable. That can also help you master "the quickie" and allow for more spontaneous sexual experiences.

The Sex Serum in particular can introduce new sensations into your intimacy routine and enhance foreplay. (One warning: if you're trying to get pregnant, extra foreplay might be a better option than lube.)



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