For far too long, women were taught to shy away from being “sexy” unless it was for the pleasure of men. Think 1950s housewives: their value to society was more about their family-making and housekeeping than their brains and confidence. But many of us desire to run successful households and embrace our sexuality, so we’re caught hanging in libido limbo. Enter: sex positivity.

Debunking the misconceptions that only straight men have the right to be sexual creatures, the sex-positive movement is giving the gals (and those sheepish fellas) the go-ahead to own their sexuality, confidence, and body -- no matter the orientation or size. 

What Is The Sex-Positive Movement?

Sex positivity started as early as the 1920s by Psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich. Of course, here we are a century later still trying to make it a thing. In a nutshell, the sex-positive movement frames sexuality in a healthy way, with safer sex practices in place and a focus on pleasure. 

The default of our society is sex negativity, which is rich with double-standards, slut-shaming, and judgment. Unless we’re actively moving towards positivity, we’ll be stuck in the red.

No matter one’s sexual identity, relationship status, or experience level, this movement is monumental. It is changing the cultural norms around the perceptions and shame associated with sex. 

Tied closely with the body-positivity movement, LGBTQ, and feminism, sex positivity focuses on health vs. unattainable standards or social norms. It is less about what happens in the bedroom and more about the conversations around it.

Ditch judgment for openness. Fear for bravery. Disgust for celebration.

Embracing Sex Positivity

Feeling comfortable with sexuality (yours or anyone else’s) is easier said than done. Even the most sex-positive people still struggle with stigmas or the negativity that is so engrained from culture. Here are some ways to reframe your mindset around sex. 

1. Prioritize Consent

Perhaps the most important part of the sex-positivity movement is the emphasis on consent. Thanks to worldwide efforts (such as the #MeToo movement) to bring attention to our failure to take consent seriously, men are being held accountable more than ever before. In other words, we’re finally getting on board with what any preschooler can understand: no means no. Anything but a resounding “Yes!” means no. 

We cannot embrace a healthy cultural shift regarding sexuality without prioritizing consent. 

Note: Sexual assault is real, and so are the implications years later. Being sex-positive includes asking for help from a certified counselor to work through any traumatic experiences. It does not define your worth.

2. Create a Personal Intimacy Routine

Spend time learning what makes you feel the most magical by establishing a personal intimacy routine. This could include setting a comfortable space to spend sexy time, investing in a luxury set of sheets, or taking CBD SEX gummies as part of your routine. 

Just like your fitness or skincare routines, there are no results without consistency. Making pleasure part of your overall wellness initiatives can help you embrace the sexy from the inside out.

Your Pleasure Is Unique

Your gratification and satisfaction is specific to you. Someone else’s bliss may not be your cup of tea. That is what makes sexuality so stimulating. Endless options are thrilling, while comfort creates contentment. Where you feel great is your go-to place.

Some days you may need some extra cuddles and kisses, and other times call for handcuffs and handkerchiefs. A mix of “vanilla” and “va-va-voom” is always nice, giving you plenty of fantasy material to draw from when you are home alone and feeling aroused.

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3. Talk About It

Share your sex-positive outlook with others (when and where appropriate). When you engage others in this movement, it will not only enlighten them, but give you more reason to continue your joyful journey. 

Communication is what moves us forward in our perceptions around sex. Creating a safe space for new thinking, confidence, and experiences can help you and others be sex-positive. You’ll soon realize that many of your peers are awakened and attentive, and they will be equally excited to swap stories and offer advice. Sex positivity is not a body thing, it’s a people thing.

Our community of #WiseWomen is helping to break the stigma of sexual discussion by making these conversations normal. We regularly talk about our sexual experiences (and how CBD helps us get there) in Slack channels or in our Instagram comments. Encouragement and support reign supreme in this House.

It’s Not All About Having Sex


You don’t have to be down with orgies or become a swinger to be considered sex-positive. Hell, you don’t even have to have sex at all to be part of the movement. It may be as simple as embracing self-acceptance, creating a safe space for a friend to share, or teaching your kids anatomically correct names for body parts. 

4. Add CBD 

Many women use cannabidiol (CBD oil) to relieve stress, sleep better, or lift libido. That’s why House of Wise is helping women to take control of their wellness and sex-positive lifestyle with naturally-derived (and yummy) CBD products.

With this natural addition to an overall healthy lifestyle, ladies can get their groove on with greater self-awareness, confidence, and control. Women can have it all...and then some.

It’s time for our confidence to shine, and we’re here for it. Shop the House of Wise CBD SEX collection to jumpstart your sex-positivity journey today. 

The Sex-Positive Movement: 4 Ways to Embrace Sex Positivity

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