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CEO Amanda Goetz of Reflects on House of Wise's First Year in Business

Dec 15, 2021 Maria West 0 comments

Amanda Goetz is the founder and CEO of House of Wise, a luxury CBD company that empowers women to take control of their sex, stress, sleep, and workout routines. As what she calls a multihyphenate woman, Amanda embodies what it means to lean into the many roles we play in society — in her case, female founder, mom, and sexually confident being.

HoW celebrated its first business birthday on December 1, so I asked Amanda to reflect on the company's notable year-one highlights in this Q&A.


Q&A with Amanda Goetz

Q: What are you most proud of accomplishing with House of Wise so far?

A: The people involved. Our first core value at HoW is "We are humans first." Sales are growing, and brand awareness increases because of the people championing the products and brand.

Every time we launch a new product, I take an hour before bed to scroll through every comment, DM, Instagram post or story, tweet, and text. It's overwhelming at times to think all these people took time out of their busy lives to share something to help someone feel better.

I'm literally about to cry — next question.

Q: Do you have a favorite memory (or two) from 2021?

A: Our team trip to Denver was so special because it was the first time most of us were meeting in person, and we all just clicked. On the trip, we got to visit our gummy manufacturer, where I personally made a batch of Stress Gummies. It was surreal seeing firsthand something I had worked on and built remotely — through countless formula test runs and back and forth shipments — now being mass-produced. The mixture I was mixing and pouring into molds would change the trajectory of someone's day across the country. That was an out-of-body experience.

The launch of our Strength Gummy was also special for me. As a former personal trainer and someone with caffeine sensitivity, I knew there was nothing like this on the market. The way people immediately got so excited to add it to their fitness and wellness routines got me so pumped up!


Q: What's one goal for House of Wise in 2022?

A: We will double down on programming for the Wise Women. Those active in the community will start gaining access to some pretty cool private events, Q&As with experts and celebs, and more. We want to continue to enrich the lives of those who help us grow by selling or using their platform to cheerlead the brand.

Interested in joining our community of women taking control of their stress, sex, sleep, and wealth? Apply to become a #WiseWoman ambassador.

Q: What has been the hardest obstacle to overcome?

A: Fundraising is hard. Less than 3% of VC dollars go to female founders (and that stat probably cuts in half when they are a parent). I think about this all the time. I have a platform. This is my second startup, and I have a ton of connections. If this is hard for me, how hard is it for someone just starting? I struggle with being part of the solution, other than continuing to call funds out for their homogenous portfolios.

Q: What's your "favorite child," aka product?

A: I have the Stress Gummies in my car for driving. I fucking hate driving. Those get me through school pick-up when I have three tired kids in the backseat saying they are going to throw up.

I use the Sleep Drops nightly. But favorite? Strength Gummy (sorry, not sorry). It's been a game-changer in getting me to the gym, which is ultimately my happy place.


Amanda shares much of her learnings and reflections from building HoW publicly on social media. Follow her for more nuggets of wisdom and reflections at @amandamgoetz (Twitter) or @goetzam (Instagram).

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