18 Women-Owned Brands We Love

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March is officially known as Women's History Month, but we also like to think of it as Women's Future Month: an excuse to spotlight women founders and the companies they are building. Here are 18 of our favorite women-owned brands to shop this month and every month.


Founder: Kaylin Marcotte

Jiggy CEO Kaylin Marcotte founded Jiggy in 2019, after discovering that jigsaw puzzles helped her wind down, screen-free, at the end of a busy work day. Jiggy works with women artists to create framable puzzle designs — and shares the profits with them. We've partnered with Jiggy to create a limited-edition product bundle featuring our Stress Gummies. Shop the Jiggy x House of Wise Stress Bundle.

Cocoa by CeCe

Founder: CeCe Olisa

Cocoa by CeCe isn't this woman's first company. CeCe Olisa also co-founded theCURVYcon, an incredibly influential plus-size fashion event that takes place during New York fashion week. Her new body-positive beauty brand — which is about to launch its first product, Doll Butter — is designed to build confidence by creating rituals, in the morning or before bed. We're proud to be collaborating with Olisa on a limited-edition House of Wise x Cocoa by CeCe Sleep Bundle, which starts shipping later this month. 

Everyday Humans

Founder: Charlotte Chen Pienaar

When she launched Everyday Humans, Charlotte Chen Pienaar set out to create a line of inclusive, playful, and cruelty-free skincare that's comfortable enough to wear every day. The company also holds itself highly accountable when it comes to sustainability: Everyday Humans is plastic neutral and climate-neutral certified. And with the House of Wise x Everyday Humans Strength Bundle, we've got you covered when it comes out outdoor workouts. 


Founder: Shawna Watterson and Hannah Rose

Nakey founders and longtime friends Shawna Watterson and Hannah Rose launched their sex-positive brand in 2020. Its flagship offering is the playfully named Muff Masque, which is a fragrance-free sheet mask for your vulva. Don't worry: they're free of synthetic preservatives, parabens, sulfates, and dyes, which means they won't interfere with your PH levels or vaginal health. Shop the Nakey x House of Wise Sex Bundle to create more intention around your intimacy routine.

Alder New York

Founder: Nina Zilka

Nina Zilka and her co-founder David Krause met studying fashion design at Pratt Institute, which explains why their products are so elegant; even their soap dish is an objet d'art. Launched in 2016, Alder New York is queer- and woman-owned genderless skincare brand that makes products designed to work for all skin types, no matter your age, gender, or ethnicity. Plus, the vegan products are all formulated to meet the incredibly rigorous Environmental Working Group standards.  Use the code HOUSE OF WISE for 10% off  your first order. 



Founder: Emily Kelly

Buying lingerie shouldn't be a soul-draining experience, but an empowering one. That's why in 2017 Emily Kelly founded Mentionables, a size-inclusive, approachable lingerie brand that doesn't use models in its photos. Better yet, the sexy and sophisticated designs are created by a team made up entirely of women. 


Founders: Emily Painter, Elisiana Diaz-Martin, and Hannah Zisman

The colorful and comfortable cotton robes made by Bathen are so lovely to look at, you could get away with wearing them on a Zoom call. Designed to extend and elevate your bath ritual, Bathen's robes, hair wraps, and "bathtans" are ethically made. The company partners with fair trade organizations and artisans in India and Guatemala to preserve traditional weaving techniques. (Note: Bathen is currently taking a maternity leave and will start shipping orders again on April 1.) Use the code MARCH15 for 15% off your order. 


Founder: Nadya Okamoto

If you're looking for sustainable, ethical period care, you'd be hard pressed to find better products than the ones from August, co-founded by Nadya Okamoto. Not only do August's pads take only 12 months to decompose — versus a shocking 500 to 800 years for traditional pads — but the company also donates supplies to underserved communities in partnership with the nonprofit No More Secrets. The lineup includes pads, liners, tampons, and a customizable subscription box.

Betty Buzz

Founder: Blake Lively

If you're looking to cut back on your drinking or just want better quality mixers, Blake Lively's new company Betty Buzz is worth a taste. The brand sells a line of sparkling beverages designed to be mixed with booze or enjoyed on their own. Free of artificial flavors or sweeteners, the line includes standbys like tonic water and ginger beer but also some refreshingly new flavors, like Meyer lemon club soda and sparkling grapefruit.  


Founder: Caroline Spiegel

We are big fans of popping a Sex Gummy and indulging in some audio porn from Quinn, founded by Caroline Spiegel. Although nearly two billion women routinely masturbate, 
the majority rely only on their imaginations. Enter Quinn, which designs audio erotica for women. Choose from readers of all genders and categories like "strangers to lovers," "voyeurism," "threesome," and "lesbian."

Ren Jord

Founder: Jessi Atkocaitis

You probably know by now that most haircare products contain a lot of nasty ingredients. But not Ren Jord, which is Norwegian for "pure Earth," founded by veteran hairstylist Jessi Atkocaitis. The line of products are designed to keep your scalp healthy without anything artificial, fake, or toxic. Better yet, Ren Jord uses only organic, biodegradable, cold-pressed ingredients. Use the code GROW25 for 25% off your first purchase.


Founder: Lola Priego

You know what's even more accurate than Googling your health issues? Actual tests. Base pairs at-home lab testing with an AI-driven health app to help you better understand what is effecting your biology in the areas of stress, sleep, diet, energy, and sex drive. Start by taking the Base quiz, and use the code HOW to get 20% off. The science is nutritionist- and doctor-approved, and Base is — you guessed it — woman founded. Check out our interview with Base founder Lola Priego.



Founders: KJ Miller and Amanda Johnson

Mented was born out of founders KJ Miller and Amanda Johnson's frustration with finding the perfect nude lipstick for their skin tones. Since then, the brand has expanded into lip gloss, foundation, cheek color, and more. Mented's complexion quiz makes it easy for women of color to find their ideal shades before they buy. Plus, all of its products are vegan, nontoxic, and cruelty-free. 

Mother Shrub

Founder: Meredyth Archer

If you've never explored the world of shrubs, may we suggest starting with Mother Shrub, founded by Meredyth Archer. These sweet and tart drinkable vinegar concoctions can be used to make both alcoholic and nonalcoholic cocktails. Available in flavors like black cherry, salted honey, and vanilla hickory pear, the scrubs are fantastic just mixed with seltzer, but if you want to add some booze, the brand also has a ton of cocktail recipes you can try.



Founder: Trinity Mouzon Wofford

Trinity Mouzon Wofford founded Golde alongside her partner, Issey Kobori, when she was just 23 years old. She started with a single product, but now Golde sells a whole line of beauty and wellness products powered by superfoods like matcha and mushrooms. Designed to be accessible to all, the affordable offerings are also 100% natural and vegan-friendly. 

Masha Tea

Founder: Maria Geyman

Founded by naturopath Dr. Maria Geyman ND, Masha Tea creates small-batch blends designed to heal and regenerate. The teas are adorably packaged and available as loose leaf tea or in compostable tea bags. Born in Kiev and now residing in Brooklyn, Geyman's mission is to create “a fun, thoughtful, and sensual tea culture worldwide.” 



Founder: Monica Khemsurov

Just because you enjoy smoking doesn't mean you have to use an ugly pipe from a headshop. Founded by Monica Khemsurov, Tetra sells "thoughtfully designed smoking objects for aesthetically minded people." From the beautiful (and functional) Balance Pipe pictured below to sleek lighters, cache jars, and ashtrays, every item Tetra sells is worthy of display on your coffee table. 


Founders: Diana Hoyos

Muchacha's tag line is "women in coffee," and they are really not kidding. The coffee brand, founded by Diana Hoyos, supports women-owned companies through the entire coffee supply chain, including cultivation, importing, and roasting. The company roasts and ships its coffee blends — which have women's names like Inés and Victoria — once a week for optimal freshness. 


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