Wise Woman on the Rise: Meet Kim Currier

Nov 30, 2021Maria West0 comments

Our featured #WiseWoman is Kim Currier, a marketing professional turned entrepreneur, mom of two, and risk-taker in the spirit of self-growth.

Kim identified with House of Wise founder Amanda Goetz’s story and the brand’s message, believing more women should normalize that we can’t "do it all" and open up the conversation for otherwise taboo topics.

Kim was hungry to support women-led companies and join communities that embraced transparency, especially after working at companies led by men. House of Wise fit the bill, and even though she was pregnant when our products first launched, she wanted to support the brand. She bought a few products and asked family and friends to try them.

"Before I got involved, I wanted to ensure that I believed in the leadership and the products. I was happy to hear that the products backed up the brand," she said.

Now that her son is 8 months old, she has been loving the House of Wise Sleep Gummies (we know every mom with young ones can appreciate a good night’s sleep).

Kim is inspired by the Wise Women who are "all kicking ass in their way," as she put it. One Wise Woman she especially admires is Rebekah Bastain, co-founder of OwnTrail, investor, and cheerleader for women's stories beyond their professional path. "She's a leader that's showing up and actually backing other women with her vocal and financial support," said Kim.

Kim's proudest accomplishments

Ever said "I'd never do that!" and then turns out — you're doing it? Kim has recently experienced this growth multiple times. Here are two examples of what she refers to as "leaps."

Leap #1: "I will never live further than a few hours' drive from my family."

The challenge and growth: "About 2.5 years ago, I was suddenly looking for a new career opportunity and decided to finally entertain the idea of moving to San Diego (my husband’s dream). At the time, our daughter wasn’t even a year old. All of our family and most of our friends are based in the Northeast/Mid-Atlantic. Who has a baby and then decides to move away from their core support system!?

"But we knew a lifestyle change would be best for our new family. We sold our townhouse and moved across the country (with a baby and a dog) to a city where we knew only a handful of people. Of course the pandemic hit very soon after our move, and it was an extremely stressful time to be plane rides away from our 'village,' but we made the best of it and relied heavily on FaceTime. God bless technology!"

Leap #2: "I will never be a stay-at-home mom."

The challenge and growth: "SAHMs are amazing, but I didn't think that path was for me. I went to a business-focused university to get both an undergraduate and graduate degree. I always said that my husband and I got the same education, and it cost way too much for me to not be using it. I also was adamant that my kids see us both work and split parenting responsibilities 50/50.

"Little did I know I would experience a global pandemic while pregnant. Suddenly a demanding job at a company where I didn’t see a future anyway didn’t seem that important. All that mattered was that I kept my family as safe as I could. So I quit (thankfully, I had the luxury of my husband’s stable job with health insurance). We decided I would watch my daughter, take care of myself during my pregnancy, and then figure the rest out later.

"Luckily, the more I talked to people I knew, the more I realized my 10 years of marketing experience could really help small business owners in my network. After a few months of SAHM life, I started freelancing part-time. I love being able to see my kids for more than an hour each day and utilize my strengths and expertise to help business owners with their marketing efforts."

What she's working on

Most of Kim's career has been agency-side account service, where she’s loved working with creative people to execute an idea that drives results.

But this past year was all about discovery for Kim. She felt challenged to ask herself important questions: "What is it I want? How can I be helpful/make an impact? Can I do these things without sacrificing all of this family time and flexibility that I've come to appreciate?"

For most of this year, Kim focused on helping small businesses grow as a freelancer while figuring out a long-term calling. She used that time to take a step back, allowing space for the right people and opportunities.

During this time, she also explored the NFT space and what it meant for artists and small businesses. Her dabbling recently landed her in a new gig as marketing manager for Eyes of Fashion NFT, a digital art collection by artist Talia Zoref.

Kim's favorite self-care rituals

  • Regular workouts, like Peloton or group classes: "As an ex-athlete, I love a good competitive workout, so I find I am at my best when I can regularly work out. If I get too in my head or need a break, I take a Strength Gummy (wait 30 minutes) and jump on my Peloton. Or in non-pandemic times, I go to a group class and then take a long shower."
  • Unwind with a bowl of ice cream or a dark chocolate caramel while watching a binge-worthy show like The Morning Show, Ted Lasso, and The Bachelor.
  • A spa day with a massage and then hanging by the pool with a good book.

Kim's favorite House of Wise product: Sleep Gummies

"As a full-time mom and part-time freelancer, I do a lot of post-kid bedtime working sessions," Kim says. "Because of this, I have a tough time turning my brain off when I finally crawl into bed. The Sleep Gummies help me to quiet the to-do lists and get some much-needed recovery time without feeling groggy the next day."

Buy some House of Wise products of your choice directly from Kim, and stay tuned for our next Wise Woman on the Rise.

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