Wise Woman on the Rise: Meet Kathleen Brown

Nov 09, 2021Maria West0 comments

Anyone who has encountered Kathleen Brown has felt the effects of her empathy, seen her overcome unimaginable obstacles, and felt inspired by her mission. That’s why we’d love to introduce you.

Kathleen is the founder of the authen-tech startup buddhi, a digital platform reimagining support for people coping with cancer. She has been a #WiseWoman since our launch and one of the community’s biggest cheerleaders.

Kathleen was part of the first wave of Wise Women after following founder Amanda Goetz's story and identifying with the House of Wise brand’s purpose. Kathleen quickly fell in love with the community of Wise Women, too.

“I have found HoW products not only incredibly effective in function, but also creating the space for #RealTalk about our lives and multihyphenate selves,” says Kathleen.

Kathleen is thankful for the connections and relationships she’s nurtured within the community, looking up to fellow Wise Women Rebekah Bastian, Kt McBratney, Hitha Palepu, and the entire HoW team.

Kathleen’s proudest accomplishments

Kathleen went through a lot, too early, which is part of the reason she is overflowing with passion and purpose. At a young age, she survived two traumatic events that changed the trajectory of her life: cancer and rape. She has put in the work to make it through the many physical and mental health “side effucks” of trauma, as she calls them. Read more about Kathleen’s cancer story and how it led her to build buddhi.

Most notably, Kathleen is proud that she has drawn on those experiences to help others going through trauma. She is a cancer advocate, having fundraised more than $58 million for cancer research and support. Now, she’s a successful solo founder who is getting through this pandemic with the thriving buddhi community by her side.

Kathleen is a dog mom to Penelope (aka Pene the Dood), who has been her sidekick for the last eight years.

What she’s up to

As fellow founders know, the work never ends once you get started (that’s why Stress Gummies exist, anyway). Kathleen is currently working toward closing a round of funding for buddhi to build and release more features that help bridge the support gap that cancer creates for so many people.

If you or someone you know has been impacted by cancer, the community is for you! Any cancer thrivers, survivors, or supporters can join free at hibuddhi.com.

Kathleen’s favorite self-care rituals

  • Meditation
  • Exercising with Shred 415 and Barry's
  • Float therapy
  • World travel
  • Live music
  • Reading
  • Winding down with a House of Wise Stress or Sex Gummy

Follow and say hi to Kathleen @mskathleenbrown on Instagram and @kb_buddhi on Twitter. You can also use her affiliate link to restock your House of Wise supply!


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