Wise Woman on the Rise: Meet Hanna Villarrubia

Feb 17, 2022Nancy Einhart0 comments

Meet our featured Wise Woman Hanna Villarrubia, a registered nurse (RN-ACM) who directs four hospital departments and still finds time to be an inspiring single mom to her three school-aged kids. Her story is proof that we all need help, no matter how much we can grind, especially during seasons when things feel out of control (aka the pandemic).

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Villarrubia first learned of House of Wise from a "Mark Groves - Create The Love" podcast interview featuring our CEO and founder, Amanda Goetz. "As a big advocate of self-care and personal growth, I related to Amanda and her story on every level and knew immediately that I wanted to be part of the House of Wise community in any way I could," she said, applying to be a brand ambassador that same day.

We love how she’s risen to the mission, inspiring other Wise Women and creating original content to educate her network about House of Wise.

Setting a Proud Example

Villarrubia is tenacious and full of grit, showing an all-in passion for her interests and work. As a single mother, she feels a heavy burden to not only provide for the family but also to be a role model in work, play, and rest.

"I am proud of the example that I am setting for my children," she said. "Living by my value set and living with integrity is a top priority for me, and I am teaching my kids to do the same."

Villarrubia gets her persevering attitude from her mom, who also raised three children and encompasses the Wise Woman mentality. Putting her confidence and independence to the test, she’s currently in the process of purchasing her first home as a single woman (and proud of it!).

Villarrubia's spirit can be summed up in this quote from her Instagram bio: "I like to be a free spirit. Some don't like that, but that's the way I am." — Princess Diana

Self-Care Routines

As a super-fan of self-care and personal growth, Villarrubia is working on habit stacking. Habit stacking is about incorporating small things into your routine throughout the day to cement those actions into habits. Her non-negotiables in her routine include daily exercise and getting enough sleep.

"Most days I am just trying to make it to bedtime in one piece. House of Wise was introduced to me at a time when I definitely needed support to make it through the day, and once I tried the products, I was completely in," Villarrubia said.

Villarrubia uses the House of Wise Strength Gummies prior to her runs, the Stress Gummies before a big meeting at work, and the Sleep Gummies (her favorite HoW product) for an effective bedtime routine. Buy from Hanna here!


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