Wise Woman on the Rise: Meet Beth Booker

Feb 02, 2022Maria West0 comments

Beth Booker, or the Notorious BGB as she's known on Twitter, is a proud #WiseWoman, business owner, and mom to two boys. The Naples, Florida-based marketer is a fashionista who unapologetically rocks beauty and big-brain energy.

Booker has been following House of Wise since its early days, specifically looking up to CEO Amanda Goetz’s founder journey. "Amanda has been like this professional girl crush for me," Booker said. "She's so open about the juggle being a CEO and a mom with an incredible marketing mind."

With the mission to empower women and offer quality CBD products that help, the HoW ambassador program felt like a natural fit for Booker's values and goals. Being part of the community has also been a valuable experience for her. Booker especially admires fellow Wise Women Shaila Gupta and Kelly Singh.

A Proud, Wise Mama

Booker has a track record of doing big things with a baby at home — and she’s proud of it. Most notably, she completed graduate school when her first son was only 8 months old and started Gracie PR & Marketing when her youngest son was 7 months old.

She enjoys working with Florida and North Carolina-based businesses on marketing and PR efforts, both as an agency owner and freelancer.

Self-Care Routines

Any mom or business owner knows the importance of routines. Booker shared a few of her bedtime, fitness, and stress management rituals with us (feel free to steal).

  • Bedtime: Pop a Sleep Gummy (or relax with an indica pre-roll), do a complete skincare routine, then listen to an audiobook before falling asleep.
  • Fitness: Take a Strength Gummy to stretch and work out, then finish with daily affirmations.
  • Stress management: Take Stress Gummies or Drops before a new business call, when the kids get wild, or to get rid of hangover anxiety.

Beth Booker is proof that women can do incredible things — while juggling babies at home or not — when we have support from a community and practice sustainable habits.

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