This year, we’re embracing kindness to ourselves. Because we deserve to make 2021 an easy win. Whether you’re New Year’s goals are in lock or you need a little inspo, we’ve got you. 

Resolutions can make it hard to win. But habits and routines are all about consistent, slow (achievable) progress. So what goals can be made into failure-proof habits?

Here are seven ideas for making the best of 2021, inspired by Wise Women:

1. Be present with loved ones

2020 has been a bitch for getting together with loved ones, or a lack thereof. Make a little extra time in your week to ring your college friend, Grandma, or text your mother-in-law to tell her how much you appreciate her (here’s to hoping you actually do). 

2. Get more sleep

Your energy and attention stems from having a good night’s sleep. That’s why all the “me time” in the world won’t help if you’re not well rested. CBD as part of your bedtime routine can make getting more rest actually fun. Learn more about the benefits and effects of CBD on sleep.

3. Lunch break movement

Most of us are WFH, so it may be hard to take a real break when we’re three steps from our office setup. That’s why having a scheduled time to get some exercise as you would for a meeting can help. 

But guess what — you don’t have to run 3 miles while your plain chicken is baking. You might only have time or energy for a brisk walk up and down your driveway during a conference call. So be it. That counts. And that’s the beauty of anti-resolution success.   

4. Contribute to online communities

Again with the beauty of virtual life. There are so many ways to connect online, whether through a Facebook Group, subReddit, or Slack channel and make online friends IRL. At House of Wise, our affiliate sellers have a Slack community and Wednesday night hangouts where we talk everything from CBD to life to work to sex to...you name it. 

5. Have more sex (partner, optional)

Yep, we said it. Get freaky. Get hot. Get sweaty. Isn’t that the best goal? 

If only it were that easy every time. When you’re not in the mood, pop some wild berry House of Wise SEX gummies to help get you there. It will kick up the fun tenfold. Hell, there’s a reason our SEX kits sold out the first day we launched House of Wise pre-sales.

6. Get creative

Time to get your other juices flowing. This year is a great time to find your spark (Soul, anyone?). Quarantine gave us time for new hobbies, like crocheting or embroidery. Or maybe you've been glued to YouTube tutorials for hand-lettering,d drawing, making TikTok dances, or painting your house walls a new color.

Trying creative activities (even if you're not good at it) helps your brain to focus. Finding an outlet to express yourself can change your life for the better.

7. Diversify your income

Finding new income streams is a great goal for a new year. That means if anything happens to your OG job, you have some (or a lot) of extra cash coming in on the side. You don’t need to build a startup like our founder or work night shifts at a bar to do that. It may be as easy as being a #WiseWoman, where you make money on your own schedule when people buy from your link. Easy peasy, income streamy (no upfront costs, no recruiting, no BS). 

Shop our SLEEP, SEX, and STRESS CBD gummies to help make your goals easier to accomplish. Tell us — what will you change in 2021?

Which New Year’s Goal Will You Pick? 7 Ideas for 2021

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