Which New Year’s Goal Will You Pick? 4 Ideas for 2022

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Vague New Year’s resolutions can make it hard to win. But habits and routines are all about consistent, slow (achievable) progress. So what goals can be made into failure-proof habits?

We’re getting inspiration from Amanda Goetz, House of Wise founder and CEO, who sets personal objectives and key results (OKRs) each year. Her 2022 goals fall into five pillars: mind, body, relationships, business, and adventure. Read the breakdown of these OKRs in her tweet thread.

"Personal OKRs help me set intentions with realistic/quantifiable milestones." — Amanda Goetz

Whether or not you have spreadsheets with milestone trackers or a one-word sticky note on your fridge, choosing goals can make personal progress achievable and help keep your eyes on your North Star.

4 goals to prioritize in 2022

1. Nurture relationships

The last two years have been difficult for prioritizing in-person gatherings and hangouts. But we need quality time with people more than ever. Make a little extra time in your week to be intentional with relationships you would like to flourish (hint: it’s not all of them).

Being present may be as simple as putting your phone down more when you’re around family like Wise Woman Hitha Palepu commits to doing this year.

Use your calendar to your advantage, too. For example, you could set a monthly date with your kids like Amanda has planned or book a trip with online friends you’d love to meet IRL.

2. Treat your body like you'd treat your friend

Physical health isn’t only about how many times you’ve gone to the gym or sat on your Peloton this week. Diet, rest, and movement all play a part in your overall wellness. Traditional resolutions like specific weight goals get in the way of body positivity and achievable progress.

Instead of a resolution that ties your body image to food (e.g., no chocolate) or a magical number on a scale, try focusing on ability.

Want to be able to run 3 miles? Squat 200 lbs? Walk the five flights of stairs in your office every day? Great! Those are all ability-based goals that will naturally fuel your physical wellness and create side effects you’ll love. Bonus points if you fuel your workouts with Strength Gummies.

3. Prioritize sleep

You need rest. Our in-house sleep expert Dr. Kristen Casey says, "When our sleep suffers, it's likely we may suffer in other areas of life, too.” But getting 7-9 hours of sleep per night is easier said than done, especially if you’ve got young kids, work stress, or consume alcohol regularly.

The key to a sleep OKR is focusing on your bedtime routine, introducing supplements like House of Wise CBD Sleep Drops or Sleep Gummies, and eliminating sleep disruptors (e.g., phones in bed).

Read more sleep resources to see what goals to incorporate into your 2022 bedtime regimens.

4. Diversify your income

What if you had more green in your bank account that wasn’t from your day job? Side gigs or passive-income projects can give you extra play money and foster skills. And you don’t need to build a startup or work night shifts at a bar to do it.

New ways to generate passive income are constantly emerging, like buying and selling NFTs. It may be as easy as signing up to be a #WiseWoman, where you make money when people buy from your affiliate link. House of Wise is helping women take more ownership of their wealth and closing the financial literacy gap.

For any goal you choose, accountability is key. Use the hashtag #WiseWomen to see how our community supports each other with better sleep, sex, stress management, wellness, and beyond. What will you change in 2022?

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