Inspiration for Spending Valentine’s Day In (Solo or With Your SO)

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If you haven’t noticed, we celebrate Valentine’s month in this House. (Hell, sexy vibes and luxury is part of our brand.) But this February 14 holiday stirs the feels — maybe happy, maybe sad — for every woman. 

Whether you’re in a satisfying relationship or doing your own thing right now, let’s make it a weekend to remember in spite of this pandemic. Here’s what we’re looking forward to about spending Valentine’s Day at home and hope you can, too.

Gifts that don’t suck

News flash: we’re over drugstore teddy bears and chocolate boxes. Women deserve a safari and a Wonka Factory tour this year. But we’ll settle for some of these awesome gift ideas instead.

For Galentine’s Day or family

We’ll start by busting the myth that Valentine’s Day is only for romance. It totally isn’t. Sending a Valentine to a loved one (who doesn’t share a bed with you) is a great way to show appreciation and make someone’s day, especially during COVID. Here are 51 versatile gift ideas from The Knot including gifts like a salami bouquet, virtual cooking classes, or our House of Wise SEX CBD gummies

For long-distance (or social-distanced) relationships

Wedding Wire published this bangin’ list of sex gifts (NSFW) for if you’re far away from your person or flying solo this V-tine’s Day. These gifts are sure to blow (and buzz) you away. 

Set a time to video chat or FaceTime (hands-free). Making a date helps build anticipation and manage expectations. It’s all in the build up. 

From women-owned businesses

ICYMI: We put together a list of our own: The Wise Woman’s 2021 Valentine’s Gift Guide: Unique Ideas from Women-owned Businesses. Find something sweet or sexy for you and support strong women as a bonus. We recommend picking one thing from each category to add to your V-tine’s wishlist. 

For him or her

Newsweek publishes some amazing gift guides, but we’re especially loving this one with these 7 sexy ideas for you or your guy. All of them together will no doubt make for a special day. 

Massage oil + CBD SEX gummies + candles + sex games + sex toys = see you in 2022. 

Note: When you order our SEX gummies, they’ll arrive after Feb. 14. Something to look forward to! 

The perfect playlist

Start now: hop on Spotify and add songs that make you feel some type of way to a specific Valentine’s playlist. Don’t play it through until your celebration. Fill it with sultry sonatas, R&B hits, or whatever you’re into as a special day-of treat. 

If you want the easy route or like an auditory surprise, try a premade V-tine’s playlist. We see a little Beyoncé, Marvin Gaye, or Bruno Mars in your future.

At-home spa

Throw on your favorite robe and crank that playlist you made for an ultimate spa day. Pop a STRESS gummy and treat yourself to some at-home pamper time. 

Here are some DIY spa-day supplies to get ahead of time:

  • Facial roller
  • Mud mask 
  • Bubble bath or bath bombs
  • Epsom salt
  • Really soft robe and towels
  • House of Wise CBD STRESS tincture or gummies
  • Moisturizer for all the body parts
  • Nail kit (press-ons have come so far!)

Soak. Scrub. Soak some more. Sing. Nap. Whatever — it’s YOUR day. 

Eye cucumbers optional. 


Whoop, there it is. You knew this one was coming if you’ve been keeping up with our content at all. Lots of time in the house = lots of time in bed. Read some of our latest articles to help you get in the mood and maximize your sexual experiences: 


Pleasure isn’t only for the bedroom this weekend. It also belongs at your dinner table. Valentine’s Day is for all the tender meats, saucy carbs, and darkest of chocolates. 

Cook up a special recipe or order in. Many upscale restaurants are shifting to delivery or pickup options right now. Prime rib on your couch? Yes, please. Fourth Chipotle burrito of the week? Also yes. 

Whatever you do, don’t forget dessert


Exercise is a great way to get your blood pumping in all the right places. Even a 20-minute workout can boost women’s sexual arousal by 169%. That’s just one more reason to hop on that Peloton or try a new YouTube HIIT video

Boost endorphins even more with a living-room dance party. Whether you share a waltz with your SO, jump around to Lizzo alone, or get your kids in on it, a good beat cranks up the heat. 

Just because you’re not supposed to breathe on everyone’s chocolate-covered strawberries doesn’t mean you can’t get fresh air. Take a stroll in a local park, take some sexy selfies with some natural lighting, or have a picnic (weather-permitting). It will make “inside time” even more special. 

Love yourself first

Wise Women know Valentine’s Day isn’t about the candy and the cards. It’s a way for us to love our favorite people and ourselves. That means even in our darkest of moments, such as post-breakup or after losing a loved one, we can use this holiday for self-care. 

We’re here to say it — you do you. Love yourself. Ask for what you need. Make time to give yourself attention. We can’t love others well if we don’t love ourselves first.

Share your gifts and activities!

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? Follow and tag @house__of__wise on Instagram to tell us (or show us), alone or solo. We want to hype you up!

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