Tips For a Fun and Romantic Valentine's Day Indoors

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If you're still completely clueless about what you're doing for Valentine’s Day — which is on Monday, by the way — don't worry. We've put together a list of ideas for couples who aren't planning to leave the house this year but still want to do something a little more special than order GrubHub and watch TV.

Incorporate Food and More Food

If you've ever needed an excuse to make a charcuterie board, this is it. You may only have two people at your Valentine's Day party, but if food is your love language, why not create a spread that's as pretty to look at as it is delicious?

Chocolate-covered anything is always a romantic go-to. But if you want to make something other than chocolate-covered strawberries, try chocolate-covered potato chips instead. They're quick to make and relatively inexpensive.

It's less about the food and more about engaging in an activity that both you and your significant other enjoy. Cooking (and eating) a meal together is an intimate experience if you let it be, especially if the ambiance is right. Set the tone of the night by dimming the lights, putting down your phones, lighting a pleasing candle, and playing some music you both love.

Prep For After Hour (or Any Hour) Sex Play

Valentine's day is what you make it. It can be completely PG or it can be a little more X-rated. If you're planning on leaning toward a more spicy V-Day, prepping yourself beforehand instead of doing things last minute can decrease your stress.

Valentine's Day prep should include anything that makes you feel confident and sexy. This is the time to try that new hairstyle, groom your facial hair, do your nails, or pamper yourself with a bath ritual.

Now for the sex specifics: it's crucial to make sure you have the proper necessities to allow you to have a safe and pleasurable time. Meaning, you should buy condoms, toys, lube, or any other essentials ahead of time. Also, make sure to have sexual aids too if you need them. Whether it be the House of Wise Sex Kit to enhance sensation during sex, ED meds to improve performance, or a vibrator to switch things up, have them before Valentine's Day so you go into the day ready for anything. The better prepared you are, the better a time you’ll have.

But remember: sex positivity means doing what feels comfortable for you. You do not have to do any of the things mentioned above. Only do these things if you’re comfortable and if they will make you feel more confident and sexy.

Try Game Night, but Make It Sexy

If you're the type of couple who finds a little competition sexy, then this is for you. Set up a few games for you and your significant other to play while you have free time. You can never go wrong with classics like Monopoly, Uno, Trouble, Jenga, etc. But as you're planning this for Valentine's day, it only makes sense to keep things interesting.

Just about any game that you play with your partner can be turned into a game of "strip" this or that — strip Uno, strip Monopoly, etc. It will take some thought but it's doable and will make the games feel a little more high stakes. So, if you're comfortable, come up with a sexy set of rules for your games and bring some spice to those classic games.

If you aren't the competitive sort, don’t worry. You can always find games to play that don't require any potential side-eye. For example, there are tons of games out there where the primary focus is getting to know your partner better. The card game Talk, Flirt, Dare is a nice option for couples who want to learn more about each other and keep things fun.

Who Says Dancing Can't Happen Indoors?

For that couple who would normally go to a bar or maybe to a club, you do not have to sacrifice what you love to do just because you choose to celebrate V-Day indoors. Bring the party to you by setting up a personal nightclub.

All you need to set this up is a strobe light, a device that will play music clearly, and a section that can be the dance floor. Don’t forget drinks either! Setting up a bar section will add to the nightclub effect. Arrange a few bottles of your favorite drinks, add some fancy cups, and bartend to your heart’s content. Find a few Valentine’s Day cocktail recipes here.

If you want to go all out, one of you can even dress up as a bouncer. All black attire and some killer shades will easily complete your look. You never know, it may lead to some spicy role play.

Note: Depending on your living situation, planning a nightclub theme on Valentine’s Day may not be suitable for everyone. Be mindful of your neighbors (if you have any) as you don’t want problems on what should be a fun day!

Hopefully, after reading this article, you have a few ideas on where to begin when trying to plan the perfect Valentine's Day. If you want some more advice, click here to find some Valentine's Day gifts to give to your partner this February.

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