Here’s How to Level Up Your Bedtime Routine
Apr 27, 2021
There’s nothing like that end-of-the-day feeling of crawling into bed. But 1 in 3 Americans is not regularly getting enough sleep. When it comes to your zzz’s, quality and quantity matter. A solid nighttime routine can help your body relax, prepare for REM sleep, and feel refreshed upon waking. 
House of Wise STRESS tincture on bedside tray with glasses
Mar 19, 2021
Feeling frazzled, burnt out, and tense? Yeah, we feel ya. With all these TikTok self-care trends going on, it's a mystery why American's are feeling their highest levels of stress. Spoiler alert: it's because alone time in the shower or a 40-minute pedicure doesn't cure anything when we've been through so much. That's why we love to use CBD for stress, sex, and sleep routines on a regular basis -- because the craziness doesn't always go away, we just manage it better.