Charlotte Chen Pienaar calls herself a "lazy skincare person," but we'll give her a pass. After all, she's been pretty busy over the past few years building her inclusive skincare brand, Everyday Humans, and redefining...

By Nancy Einhart

Meet our featured Wise Woman Hanna Villarrubia, a registered nurse (RN-ACM) who directs four hospital departments and still finds time to be an inspiring single mom to her three school-aged kids. Her story is proof...

By Maria West

Beth Booker, or the Notorious BGB as she's known on Twitter, is a proud #WiseWoman, business owner, and mom to two boys. The Naples, Florida-based marketer is a fashionista who unapologetically rocks beauty and big-brain...

By Maria West

We're honored to feature #WiseWoman Monica M. Morales, a passionate affiliate-marketing manager, avid TikToker, and a self-described "Latina introvert" based in San Francisco. Morales became involved early on with House of Wise after seeing a...

By Maria West

Our featured #WiseWoman is Kim Currier, a marketing professional turned entrepreneur, mom of two, and risk-taker in the spirit of self-growth. Kim identified with House of Wise founder Amanda Goetz’s story and the brand’s message,...

By Maria West


Our products are created from hemp plants grown on USDA Organic farms in Denver, CO. 
We never use pesticides or chemicals on our plants.


Full Spectrum hemp oil contains all the naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes in the hemp plant. Cannabinoids work with each other (called the "entourage effect").


We use advanced supercritical CO2 extraction to obtain a complete range of cannabinoids, terpenes, essential oils, and other beneficial phytonutrients. This yields a potent blend with no harsh chemicals.


Our hemp is organically grown, non-GMO, vegan and cruelty free.


Our products go through rigorous third party testing to ensure quality, consistency and potency.


We like to gloat that you won't get the bloat (the mom jokes are free). Enjoy our products guilt free and gluten free.

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