CBD For Sleep: Does It Help and How Does It Work?
Nov 15, 2021
The following is a guest post from the experts at Bioloop Sleep, a service that...
Lisa Carmen Wang for House of Wise, How to Increase Your Most Valuable Asset: You
Apr 07, 2021
“Does anyone else feel bad when they can’t do as much work when they’re on their period?”  Immediately every woman on our group chat reacted in unison. “Yes!”  “100%”  “Omg, me.” In the past, I would have echoed a similar sentiment of guilt and shame, but now I know better. I told the group, “I used to, but don't at all anymore. Our periods are our body's way of flushing out the things we don't need anymore, which if you think about it, is pretty amazing! So now it's a process I honor, and I remind myself that taking care of me and my body comes first. If I do that, work and everything else will be better too. I am my most valuable asset.”