The Wise Woman's Gift Guide For the Best Rest in 2022

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Wise Women know the REM cycle is as sacred as grandma’s pumpkin pie recipe. And according to our in-house sleep expert, Dr. Kristen Casey, "Sleep is part of our life pie. When our sleep suffers, it's likely we may suffer in other areas of life, too. For example, we know that sleep deprivation may lead to increased irritability, depression, or anxiety. Also, if we are depressed or dealing with a mental health issue, it's likely our sleep will suffer as a result."

That’s why we put together this gift guide to help you find the perfect treat for your mother-in-law who has everything, your older sister who works the night shift, or even yourself.

5 favorite sleep-enhancing gifts we love

House of Wise Sleep Gummies or Drops

Free of the crap that makes you groggy, House of Wise Sleep Gummies and Drops use the power of melatonin and CBD to help you feel rested and stay asleep.

CBD (short for cannabidiol) is gaining popularity as an alternative to sleep aids, or even alcohol, to get you tired at night. Melatonin is what helps your body regulate its circadian rhythms to tell your body it’s bedtime. Together, melatonin and CBD pack a powerful punch that will become an essential part of any nighttime routine.

"I've been having SO much trouble sleeping lately and staying up until 2 or 3 a.m. and not being able to get up until 9 or 10. Went to bed at 10:30, woke up at 8:30 revived and fresh. I am grateful!" — Kelly B.

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Base Sleep Testing Plan

The Base Sleep Testing Plan is an at-home lab testing kit perfect for those who have insomnia, fatigue, or other health symptoms that may be caused by disrupted sleep. The kit measures hormones, nutrients, and vitamins to create a personalized diet and lifestyle plan to promote better sleep, all in a convenient phone app.

Founded by engineer-turned-CEO Lola Priego, Base also tracks other biometrics like stress, energy, diet, and even your sex drive. We’ve partnered with them to offer the ultimate Sex Gummy test (spoiler: they really work). Base + a House of Wise Sleep or Sex Kit could be the best gift you give someone who dreads getting into bed.

Eight Sleep smart mattress

Our splurge recommendation is the gift that keeps on giving, night after night. A smart mattress like Eight Sleep’s Pod Pro Mattress is the ultimate sleep hack to control and track your best nights of sleep ever.

With advanced technology to automatically keep you cool (as low as 55°) or warm (up to 110°), Eight Sleep smart mattresses are great for people who either get night sweats or who can’t pile on enough comforters. And we know those people usually end up together, right? That’s why it’s adjustable with two sides of the bed.

Smart sleep assistant

White noise machines aren’t just for newborns anymore. Did you know there’s a color spectrum of noises based on their frequencies, from brown to red to white noise? These frequencies calm the brain activity at varying levels and help you tune out silence, traffic, or your partner’s snores.

The Hatch Restore is a great option for an all-in-one smart sleep assistant. The stylish bedside essential provides noises and soundscapes to help you relax and stay asleep, a natural sunrise light alarm to keep you on schedule, and an eye-friendly lamp glow. This makes a great gift for someone who has trouble sleeping or waking up after their first alarm.

Prezence app subscription

Need a gift for your friend who is always go, go, go? Gift a subscription to the guided meditation app Prezence, which helps users disconnect and be present.

Meditation helps reduce cortisol (aka what makes you stressed), and drawing attention to your thoughts and body calms you down for sleep. Sometimes, we need a little motivation and accountability for even the most calming practices. Prezence goes beyond celebrity recordings and spa music like other apps — it’s also a digital community to enhance the art of connection. Use code HOW20 for 20% off an annual subscription.

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