It’s so close to spring that our morning coffee tastes like pollen. This time of year brings renewal and an energy that we haven’t been able to muster during most of 2021 thus far. But to harness that energy, we need rest. And really good rest. 

Wise Women know you don’t F around with the REM cycle. And since March is Sleep Awareness Month, it’s time to focus on ways to achieve a healthy sleep routine or empower someone else to champion their rest. We put together this gift guide for sleep products to help you celebrate all year. 

Find the perfect gift for your Aries friend, older sis who can't chill, or yourself with picks from our sleep gift list. 

For your bedroom

Maybe you’re one of those lucky people who can sleep anywhere from a middle airplane seat to a rock concert. But it’s safe to assume most of us aren’t, and need just the right blend of comfort, cool, and cozy to get our ZZZs. 

The Sleep Foundation gives tips for creating the perfect atmosphere for sleep, much of which include nailing the temperature and using quality materials in your bed and room. To help get you there, we’ve picked a few faves that make going to bed a treat.

Weighted blanket

Weighted blankets are shown to provide therapeutic relief for stress and anxiety through deep pressure stimulation. They can help you get a really great sleep, too. It’s like being in a warm hug, but without the sweat and BO. 

Weighted blankets make a really great gift. There are hundreds of options on the market, including cooling blankets like this one from Bearaby to weighted throws from Gravity Blanket to ones infused with crystals like this one from Sunday Citizen

Blankets come in sizes for kids and throws to King, typically ranging from 10-30lbs. Use a weighted blanket calculator for the right size/weight recommendation for your recipient’s bodyweight. For a full-body experience, you can snag a weighted eye mask to go with it. 

Cute and comfy PJs

Who has a set of pajamas that aren’t oversized t-shirts you got for free at a volunteering event that one time? We love a comfy, worn-in feel, but a nice set of (real) PJs is a gift everyone can appreciate. Women-owned sleep gear company Sheex has an incredibly soft performance sleepwear collection that is stylish and cooling for men and women.

We also love these sustainable PJs from Made Trade, with options in fun prints, lace, or straight up stay-in-bed-all-day vibes. We love quality materials that are ethically sourced.

Smart mattress

Our splurge recommendation is the gift that keeps on giving, and giving, and giving. A smart mattress is the ultimate sleep hack to control and track your best sleeps ever. 

With advanced technology to automatically keep you cool (as low as 55°) or warm (up to 110°), Eight Sleep smart mattresses are great for those who either get night sweats or can’t pile on enough comforters. We know those people usually end up together, right? That’s why it’s adjustable with two sides of the bed. So the always-cold GF and never-not-sweating BF can finally enjoy bed. 

Smart sleep assistant

White noise machines aren’t only for newborns and your TV when the cable isn’t working. In fact, there is a color spectrum of noises based on their frequencies, from brown to red to white noise. At varying levels, these frequencies calm the brain activity and help you tune out silence, traffic, or your partner’s snores. A smart sleep assistant goes beyond white noise and includes sleep aid by mimicking natural light. 

The Hatch Restore is a great option for an all-in-one smart sleep assistant. The stylish bedside essential provides noises and soundscapes to help you relax and stay asleep, natural sunrise light alarm to keep you on schedule, and eye-friendly lamp glow. This makes a great gift for someone who has trouble sleeping or waking up after their first alarm.

For your nighttime routine

We could all use a little serenity. 2021 is the year for self-care, and we’re making sure our sleep and nighttime routines get priority. Good sleep can improve your immune system, mood, heart and muscle functionality, weight control, and more. It’s the ultimate foundation for taking care of yourself. 

House of Wise SLEEP CBD oil

Free of the crap that makes you groggy, House of Wise SLEEP gummies and tinctures use the power of melatonin and CBD to help you feel rested and stay asleep

CBD (short for cannabidiol) is gaining popularity as an alternative to sleep aids, or even alcohol, to get you tired at night. Melatonin is what helps your body regulate the circadian rhythm to tell your body it’s bedtime. Together, they pack a powerful punch that will become an essential part of any nighttime routine. 

Gift tip: Pair the SLEEP drops with a nighttime tea, like in one of these CBD drink recipes. Hell, add SLEEP gummies to any gift basket, because they’re super cute and pretty. Side effects may include feeling revived and fresh:

“I've been having SO much trouble sleeping lately and staying up until 2 or 3 a.m. and not being able to get up until 9 or 10. Went to bed at 10:30, woke up at 8:30 revived and fresh 💪 I am grateful!!!!” - Kelly B.

Meditation app subscription

Need a gift for your friend who is always go, go, go? Gift a subscription to a guided meditation app like Calm. Featuring celebs reading bedtime stories, music for focus and relaxation, and meditation sessions, even your busiest gal pal will appreciate the change of pace Calm offers. 

Meditation helps reduce cortisol (aka what makes you stressed), and drawing attention to your thoughts and body calms you down for sleep. A meditation app doesn’t require anything more than a pair of headphones and a willingness to lean into the “Om.”

Dreamy tea 

A successful nighttime routine starts before you hit the sheets. One thing Wise Women love to do before bed to wind down is have a cup of caffeine-free tea with some SLEEP drops.

Sure, you can find sleepy-time teas at your local grocery store. But for the best gift, look for something sleek and luxurious, like InBloom’s Dream Sleep Tea by Kate Hudson. This herbal slumber blend comes in powder form inside a cute container. Special tea makes a great gift for anyone who values natural, cozy night time vibes.

You’re the dreamiest gift-giver

Dark under-eye circles may be in style (why though?!) but we prefer our friends to have the glow of a well-rested queen. Add these goodies to your cart or wish list ASAP for gifts that keep on giving. +1 for yourself, of course.

Shop House of Wise SLEEP gummies and tinctures to send to a friend or add to any gift basket.  

The Ultimate Wise Woman’s Sleep Gift Guide: How to Champion Rest in 2021

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