Our wellness, self-care, and overall vibes are highly dependent on sleep, stress, and sex. Let’s meet the House of Wise CBD products making it easier to master the bedroom, boardroom, and everything in between.

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SLEEP gummies and drops

House of Wise SLEEP products provide a full-spectrum CBD hemp extract blended with melatonin and calming flavors to simmer down your body and power up your dreams.

Flavor profile: Hints of lemon, turmeric, and orange ginger

How to use SLEEP gummies and drops: Take one dose as part of your bedtime routine, or about 1-2 hours before you’re ready to sleep.


“I purchased your SLEEP gummies as a gift for my wife for Christmas. She has incredibly bad insomnia, and we have been working on getting away from things like Ambien to help her sleep. I have to tell you the gummies are amazing and help SO much.” — Eric H.

“Unemployment + stress + anxiety has rocked my sleep schedule for the last six months. I toss and turn until 3 a.m., then can't seem to wake up until after 10 a.m., feeling groggy and guilty for sleeping in so late, thus keeping me in the cycle of anxiety and depression. One SLEEP gummy an hour before bed has made me more relaxed, calmer, focused, and more productive. I have tried lots of melatonins before, and they always left me fatigued and groggy the next morning. Not this one. ” — Kelly B.

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SEX gummies and drops

House of Wise SEX gummies (and currently sold-out drops) are perfect for quickly and discreetly boosting libido. CBD plus active ingredients of horny goat weed, ashwagandha, and maca root are shown to reduce performance anxiety related to sex, increase confidence, and even increase the intensity of orgasms

Flavor profile: Exotic wildberry

How to use SEX gummies: Take one (or two) gummies within an hour of sexy time with yourself or a partner. See where it takes you.


"With the stresses of work and life, I've found it to be challenging to maintain a healthy sex life. I came across House of Wise on social media and was intrigued. I ordered the SEX gummies and noticed a definite difference after I'd taken it a couple of times (and OMG, they taste so good). The gummies helped me relax, be more present, and put me in the mood for intimacy." — an anonymous fan

“Third time’s the charm, but also the first and second times were pretty damn amazing.” — Christina K.

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STRESS gummies and drops

House of Wise STRESS gummies and drops use full-spectrum, hemp-derived CBD oil to help combat the harmful effects of stress. Paired with L-theanine to help reduce stress and promote calm (50mg in our drops and 100mg in the gummies), this blend helps take the edge off without the disruption of a high or buzz.

Flavor profile: Fruity, flowery, and mellow with chamomile and passion fruit notes

How to use STRESS gummies and drops: Take one dose in the morning (we love it with coffee!) or whenever you need a little extra calm. You can take STRESS drops and gummies at any time of day; they won’t make you sleepy.


“I've been using the STRESS drops in my morning coffee this week, and let’s just say back-to-work is a whole new vibe!” — Sarah O.

“I love this product. It’s helping me cope better with my postpartum anxiety!” — an anonymous fan

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House of Wise’s selection of SLEEP, SEX, and STRESS CBD oil gummies and drops are produced from local farms outside of Denver, CO. Each hemp-derived CBD product is organic, vegan, kosher, and cruelty-free.

Shop our SLEEP, SEX, and STRESS collections to start sleeping better, feeling confident in the bedroom, and stressing less.

SEX, SLEEP, STRESS: Meet the House of Wise Products

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