HOW to Sleep Better: Tips We Love for Getting More ZZZs

There’s nothing like that end-of-the-day feeling of crawling into bed. But if you’re like 1 in 3 Americans, you’re not regularly getting enough sleep. When it comes to your zzz’s, quality and quantity matter. 

Sleep deprivation 

The proven negative effects of sleep deprivation are hard to ignore. Even just a few hours less than the recommended 7-9 hours per night can make a significant impact on your daily life. Poor sleep has been correlated to health issues like: 

  • Grogginess
  • Obesity 
  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Stroke 

Of course, there will be nights or seasons when getting at least 7 hours isn’t an option (mamas, I'm looking at you!)

It doesn’t seem fair — there’s so much to be done, think about, and watch! It’s time to turn off Netflix and start getting serious about your sleep habits. Here’s HOW we recommend approaching your evening for maximum sweet dreams. 

Routine, routine, routine

Repeat after me: routines are good. The most crucial part of implementing new habits is consistency. A healthy routine can help your mind and body know what’s coming next, and over time it will seem easier (we promise).

Set an alarm

Even if you swear your internal clock is punctual AF, set the damn alarm. Shit happens. So does accidentally sleeping in. We love iPhone’s Bedtime feature, which helps you set a consistent sleep schedule and automatically puts your phone on DND. Now if only our kids came with that setting...

Take House of Wise Sleep 

Melatonin mixed with Hemp-derived cannabidiol (aka CBD) which does not get you high like the THC found in marijuana, but affects the systems in your body in ways that promote relaxation. Our Melatonin + CBD combination can help aid in sleep combatting anxiety and insomnia and we’re here for it.

CBD products are easy to take, like tinctures and gummies, so it feels more like a treat than medicine. Hemp and cannabis products aren’t regulated by the FDA, so check for labels like organic, cruelty-free, vegan, and kosher. All House of Wise CBD products are sourced organically and tested to ensure quality and consistency. 

Plan your CBD dose 45 minutes before hitting the sack. As you go about the rest of your bedtime routine, the Melatonin + CBD combo will have some time to impact your nervous system and circadian rhythms (aka help you sleep better). Research shows people who use CBD oil for sleep may not experience immediate effects, so don’t give up if you don’t turn into Sleeping Beauty after the first use. 

Wind down

Stop reading emails. Turn off the news (yes, even Twitter). It can all wait. The best favor you can do yourself is going into your phone settings and limiting your notifications. Remove the temptation, then practice putting your laptop or phone away at a certain time every night (e.g. two hours before bed).  

Amanda’s pro-sleep routine

HoW Founder Amanda knows sleep is crucial to slaying the day. That’s why she takes things seriously when it comes to a calming night routine that even a 2 a.m. toddler nightmares can’t throw off. Here’s how she gets ready for some zzz’s:


Put kids to bed (following their own routines, of course!)


Take HoW SLEEP gummy or drop 


Soak in a bath 


Read a book while wearing a face mask (not the pandemic kind)


Lights out for bed

Wake up, kick ass, repeat. 

6 things to avoid before bed 

Kind of like that mile run to get a box of donuts, the good can only be effective if you cut out the bad, too. Here are a few things we’re practicing to cut out of our evening routine.

1. Alcohol

Unlike CBD, alcohol is a depressant and reduces REM sleep. Even if that glass of wine makes you tired, it isn’t letting your body enter deep sleep later in the night. We’re not even going to mention hangovers, because we all know those totally suck.

2. Bright screens

Gone are the days of hiding with a flashlight under the covers to read a juicy romance novel. It’s all on your phone. The blue light from your computer or phone at night is telling your body, “Hey you! Stay awake!” If you like reading from a device vs. paper, make sure it’s friendly to your eyes. Set your browser and device settings to dark mode when possible. 

3. Caffeine

Most people know chugging a venti iced vanilla latte right before bed isn’t the wisest of decisions. However, even your afternoon pick-me-up can have a negative impact on your sleep and REM cycle. Research shows caffeine consumption even six whole hours before bed can knock off one hour of your night’s sleep.

4. Sugar

Sugar overstimulates you and can rear up your energy when you don’t need it (aka disrupting sleep in the middle of the night). Sugar at night, or too much during the day in general, can also lead to grogginess. Eat that pre-bed bowl of ice cream sparingly. 

5. Stressors

You don’t need to be rereading those troll comments for the fourth time today or staring at your dirty baseboards. Help your brain turn down by consciously thinking about what you’re thinking about (easier said than done).

6. A cluttered nightstand

A nightstand is likely the first and last thing you see every day. Of course, if it’s messy, it won’t aid in the quest to chill. Declutter this space to only keep your essentials here, like glasses, a bottle of water, CBD oil, and any other tools that help your body relax (wink, wink). 

If you’ve cut out these things and tried adjusting your routine but still experience trouble sleeping, talk to a professional to see if there may be underlying causes. 

A great night of rest means so much more than reducing baggy eyes and feeling energetic. It makes you be a better worker, mom, friend, SO… you name it. Finding what gets you to sleep better is invaluable insight. 

Sweet dreams, Wise Women. 

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HOW to Sleep Better: Tips for More ZZZs

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