A Wise Woman takes control of her $$$ 

As a Wise Woman, you aren’t part of a get-rich-quick gimmick. You can make real money with a community of other boss babes by selling, referring, or creating.  Oh and there is awesome swag along the way too! 


3 ways to earn with House of Wise

    • Sell some SLEEP, SEX, STRESS: Make money on every sale from your referral link. As a #WiseWoman ambassador it’s important to be clear with your audience you make money if they purchase the product. Sign up here to get started. 
    • Refer a friend: Get $100 when your friends sign up and sell their first product (send an email to  with your friend’s name and we’ll reach out personally!) 
    • Create content: Send your stunning photos, videos, or articles to or tag us @house__of__wise on IG, and we’ll send more traffic and sales your way! 


Once you become a #WiseWoman you’re invited to my weekly House Hangouts on Wednesday nights at 9 pm EST (once Hadley, Lincoln, and Greyson go to bed). I want to build this with you. 

A Wise Slack Community 

We use an inclusive HOW Sellers Slack group to share wins, questions, and empower one another to keep making money on our own terms and schedule.

Get your affiliate link now & start selling! 

HOW to make money with House of Wise

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Getting a good night's rest goes beyond basic beauty sleep. In fact, several studies have confirmed that sleep...