How to Host a House Party

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Did you know the Tupperware party is the brainchild of Brownie Wise, the namesake of House of Wise? Wise helped make Tupperware a household name by giving women the ability to earn their own money after World War II. In the tradition of Wise's pioneering at-home entrepreneurship, we're inviting Wise Women all over the United States to host their own House Parties and introduce other women to the wide-ranging benefits of our CBD products. 


In June, we hosted the first-ever House Party in Denver, when our team traveled to Colorado to bond and to tour our hemp farm and extraction facility. The Denver event was a huge success, as you can tell from the photos. Here's everything you need to know to host a House Party of your own.

Who can host a House Party?

Any Wise Woman with a House of Wise affiliate link can sign up to host a house party. All you have to do is invite your friends, family, followers, and networks to try the products and share your genuine experience.

As with everything else House of Wise, there are no upfront costs, no recruiting, and no quotas. Click here to fill out the form to get approval to host a House Party.


Can I host with a friend?

Sure! If your co-host hasn’t signed up to be a Wise Woman ambassador yet, they can sign up using this link.

What you get

We will send you a Gummy Trio so your guests can try our products. We’ll also send some swag and a stipend for snacks and nonalcoholic beverages. While not every House Party will have a photographer, let us know if you are interested in having a professional photographer at your event, and we can approve your request and handle the logistics. 

If you want to go all-out, consider serving some CBD-infused mocktails.

Who should I invite?  

Any friends, family, followers, and networks who you think would benefit from using House of Wise products.

Will guests get any special promotions?

Yes. Anyone who places an order during the day of the House Party will get 10% off their order. Your guests can also sign up to be Wise Woman ambassadors and get 20% off future purchases.

How long should the party be?

Two to three hours is what we recommend.

Where should I host the party?

We suggest hosting in your home, backyard, or another local spot of your choice.

House Party hosting resources

  • To get help or ask questions, please email our Community Manager, Ingrid, at or reach out to her on Slack.
  • For more information on the products, request a deck to guide conversations at your House Party.
Photos by Lauren Nolan / House of Wise

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