How House of Wise Is Celebrating Women Founders in March

Mar 01, 2022Nancy Einhart0 comments

March 8 is International Women's Day, which celebrates the historical and cultural accomplishments of women and advocates for gender equality around the world. To celebrate this day, and Women's History Month in March, we're spotlighting women who are making history right now: women founders.

Around 40% of companies are owned by women in the United States, but women entrepreneurs face a number of obstacles that men do not. For instance, funding challenges. Did you know that less than 3% of venture-capital dollars go to women-led businesses? (House of Wise is among that tiny sliver.) Add to that list gender biases, invisible labor, and a lack of mentorship, and you'll start to realize how much of a feat it really is to start a business as a woman.

We want women entrepreneurs to be seen and financially successful, which is why we're shining a spotlight on women-led companies in March. For Women's History Month, House of Wise is partnering with four of our favorite women-founded brands to create a series of limited-edition product bundles in our key verticals: Stress, Sex, Strength, and Sleep. For each themed bundle, we're pairing a House of Wise product with a product from a different brand created by women.

Our goal for Women's History Month: to help you to discover new brands, support women, and introduce more intention into your daily routine.

The first limited-edition Women's History Month bundle drops on March 8 (International Women's Day). From there, we'll unveil a new bundle every Tuesday through the end of March: March 15, March 22, and March 29. These are small-batch, limited-time bundles, so each one will be available only until it sells out.

Throughout the month, we'll be spotlighting the women behind the brands in our Wise Reads, so you can learn from their journeys. We'll also round up products from some of our other favorite women-founded brands in our editorial coverage.

Mark your calendars for Tuesday, March 8, to shop our first Women's History Month bundle!

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