Wise Woman on the Rise: Meet Shaila Gupta

Sep 13, 2021Maria West0 comments

If there’s one type of person we love to see represent this House, it’s a strong woman who knows what she stands for and who she stands with. Shaila is one of our earliest #WiseWomen, and she cares deeply about dogs, food, yoga, and women’s rights. Rumor has it that she is an expert playlist curator, too.

Shaila was drawn to House of Wise in Fall 2020 due to her interest in cannabis, including seeking justice for those who remain incarcerated for cannabis-related crimes. She has a passion for helping women and a curiosity for discovering and getting involved in women-focused communities.


As a marketing professional, Shaila was inspired by Amanda's marketing leadership and vision for the movement. Shaila also admires fellow Wise Woman Nicole Tabak, who runs a newsletter for creators called Your Social Media Detox.

Shaila’s proudest accomplishments

Shaila says one of her most difficult but best decisions in life was leaving an unhappy marriage at a time when her friends were getting engaged and married. But sometimes, when you lose someone, you gain an even better companion — like a rescue puppy named Winston Churchill.

She’s also proud of her career growth and ability to dramatically grow her finances through better compensation in just six years. She says, “It's not about money, but I'm proud of myself for fighting for 1) what I want and 2) what I'm worth.” We love a confident woman who knows her value.

Shaila’s favorite self-care rituals

        • A nice bubble bath paired with a Delta 8 pre-roll
        • Picnics with Winston Churchill (the dog, of course)
        • Managing finances by updating her budget and checking on investments
        • A moment with House of Wise Sex Gummies + Sex Serum
“I'm so proud to be part of this community. I'm always here to hype up another Wise Woman and I want to support everyone's projects, so please send them along!” — Shaila Gupta

Buy from Shaila using her affiliate link, and stay tuned to see who we feature next in Wise Woman on the Rise!

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