House of Wise Officially Launches — With $2M in Funding

Jun 15, 2021Nancy Einhart0 comments

Six months after our soft launch, House of Wise makes its official debut Tuesday, June 15, with $2 million in seed funding. 

Our CEO and founder Amanda Goetz successfully raised two rounds of institutional capital—joining less than 3% of VC dollars that go to women founders—while navigating the COVID-19 pandemic and homeschooling her three kids as a single mother. As a women-focused CBD brand, House of Wise is setting out to dismantle the stigmas against cannabis and the double standards women face today.

"I've faced infertility, miscarriage, divorce, and single parenting in a pandemic," Amanda said. Growing up in a small conservative town, cannabis wasn't an option for Amanda until she tried CBD in her 30s and found herself having more restful sleep and mental clarity. "I believe it's important for women to transform what society has deemed ‘shameful’ into empowerment. We can't ‘have it all’ without help. House of Wise is a brand designed to break down these stigmas and provide a supportive community.”

House of Wise understands that high-performing women cannot risk a groggy morning or sleepy afternoon. That's why we collaborated with a team of organic farmers, chemists, and an award-winning chef to develop our  original CBD products. Our seed funding round was led by Sugar Capital, with participation from Selva Ventures, Max Ventures, Dream Ventures, and notable strategic angels NBA Star Baron Davis, Fabletics co-founder Jack McCue, former President & COO of Focus Brands Kat Cole, and leading millennial women’s podcast platform Dear Media. 

Inspired and named in honor of Brownie Wise—the original wise woman who pioneered Tupperware parties and helped women take control of their financial independence — House of Wise is encouraging women to share their first-hand experience using the products they find most helpful (and earn money from their honest referrals).

“All women are influential, and I believe this distribution strategy is critical to mass adoption of cannabis as well as shattering the stigma around needing help in areas like sleep, sex, and stress,” Amanda said.

Through its #WiseWoman program, women can earn a 20% commission from the sales of any House of Wise products using a custom affiliate link, upon approval. (Learn how to become a #WiseWoman here.) House of Wise gummies, drops, and kits are available now from hundreds of Wise Women across the country, and at, starting at $49.99.


House of Wise products were developed with trust and reliability in mind. Each House of Wise product features a handcrafted, proprietary formula paired with thoughtfully selected active ingredients. The collection of five high-quality, full-spectrum CBD products empower women to take control of their sleep, stress, and sexual wellness: SEX Gummies, SLEEP Gummies, SLEEP Drops, STRESS Gummies, STRESS Drops, and curated product bundles. House of Wise CBD is certified organic, cGMP, and NSF certified, and made with responsibly sourced ingredients.

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