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Launching Monday, Sept. 27, House of Wise's new Strength Gummy lends focus, energy, and intention to your exercise routine, helping you transition from work mode to workout mode. 

"All of our products are centered around intention and permission," says Amanda Goetz, the CEO and founder of House of Wise. "When you pop a gummy you have 30 to 45 minutes before the active ingredients kick in, creating a beautiful window of intentionality and transition."

"When I take my Strength gummy, I don't miss my workout, because I've signaled to myself this is important to me and it's now about creating space for it," says Amanda.

About the House of Wise Strength Gummy

The latest addition to House of Wise's line of vegan CBD products, the Strength Gummy by House of Wise is made with 15 mg of full-spectrum CBD to elicit calm, focus, and reduced inflammation for fitness; 60 mg of caffeine and B vitamins for added energy and endurance; and 10 mg of beetroot juice extract, which helps red blood cells carry oxygen through the body more efficiently, preventing fatigue and supporting sustainable endurance. 

It also tastes great, like lemonade with a hint of berry, and the Strength Gummy won't make you feel jittery; it contains less caffeine than one cup of coffee. 


Why House of Wise Created a Strength Gummy

House of Wise empowers women to take back control of their sleep, sex, and stress, so focusing on strength is an obvious next step. After all, the four areas of sleep, sex, stress, and strength are all interconnected.


"I perform my best when my body has energy," says Amanda. "I get energy from working out. I sleep better when I've expended energy that day. I am able to handle my stress when I sleep effectively. I sleep better when I have an orgasm and release oxytocin. When I sleep better, I have energy to workout. I believe all four of these are intrinsically interdependent. When one domino falls, they all do."

"If I'm not sleeping, I don't work out. When I don't work out, I usually sleep worse. When I'm not sleeping or working out, my sex drive takes a nose dive."

How CBD and Exercise Go Hand in Hand

Fitness has always been a big part of the House of Wise founder's life. She started playing basketball at the age of 3 with her older brother; when he was 10, he would shoot around on the cement basketball on their farm, while Amanda would try to dribble while riding her tricycle.

"As a former athlete and ACE Certified Personal Trainer, working out has always been a staple part of my routine," Amanda says. "That was, until I had kids and a corporate job. Making space and being intentional about my time at the gym became a lot harder, so I started turning to supplements to help me get a boost of energy or help me lift heavier weights to maximize whatever time I could get."

However, Amanda noticed, many preworkout supplements have ingredients that have not been tested or proven. Like all House of Wise products, the Strength Gummy contains ingredients you've actually heard of, and it's completely vegan, USDA Organic, and contains full-spectrum CBD. 

"I could not find something on the shelves that didn't give me jitters and had ingredients I didn't understand, so I made one," says Amanda.

Many people associate CBD with calming down and sleep, and it's very effective in those areas. But CBD also helps you focus, and it's a powerful carrier agent.

"CBD helps you maximize the active ingredients in the gummy so you can feel the same effects with less," says Amanda. 

How to Incorporate the Strength Gummy Into Your Routine

Our Strength Gummy is designed to help women create the time and intention to work out.

"Working out has always been a means to end for me," says Amanda. "In high school and college, it was to win a game. Now, it's to perform at my mental and emotional best. I don't view it as punishment and yet we live in a society where media does."

The House of Wise Strength Gummy is the first product to utilize our new packaging, with each gummy individually wrapped. This makes them easy to grab on the go or throw in your workout bag, so you can use them when you need them.

"My typical routine is Strength Gummy plus water, then I change into my workout clothes, find my Airpods (which always randomly go missing), and head to the gym in my building," Amanda says.

"By the time I get to the gym I start to feel a burst of energy and I ride that momentum."

Humans perform best when the body has energy, whether our movement goals are to accomplish an intense run, take part in a quick at-home spin session, play with kids, or dance with friends. The House of Wise Strength Gummy allows you to make the time get moving however and whenever you want, and to view exercise as a reward, not a punishment. 


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