House of Wise Gives Back: Last Prisoner Project

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About Last Prisoner Project + House of Wise

Stephanie Shepard served 10 years in prison for conspiracy to distribute marijuana, but while she was incarcerated in California, recreational marijuana was legalized in that state. Unfortunately, her story is incredibly and tragically common. 

More than 40,000 people in the US are sitting in jail for years, or even life, for cannabis-related charges. Many of these charges are misdemeanors or occurred in states where cannabis is now legal. Meanwhile, medical and recreational cannabis is a multibillion dollar business in the United States. 

We Believe No One Should Be in Jail For Cannabis

House of Wise was built on the premise of empowering women, helping them take charge of their lives and finances by selling quality CBD products. But the cannabis industry has not been built on fairness. 


That's why House of Wise is committed to an ongoing partnership with Last Prisoner Project, a nonprofit that fights criminal injustice and drug policy restoration. Learn how we're supporting families of cannabis incarceration. 

What Is Last Prisoner Project?

Last Prisoner Project (LPP) is a nonprofit organization that is fighting criminal injustice and reimagining drug policy specifically pertaining to cannabis incarceration. This undeniable injustice is hurting families and communities.

As you can imagine, racial and socioeconomic progress suffers when entire segments of the population are behind bars. The tireless work to repair the past and continuing harms of the war on drugs is not over.

Fighting For Full Freedom

LPP addresses three justice reform initiatives: prisoner release, record-clearing through clean slate initiatives, and reentry programs. 

Freedom doesn’t mean simply being pardoned from jail. Once released, these men and women face significant barriers to key areas of rebuilding life such as employment, housing, and financial aid. Mothers and fathers struggle to provide for their families and succeed in life. 

House of Wise Scholarship Fund For Women & Children

Support and donations from House of Wise go directly toward a scholarship program fund for women and children. These funds act as mini-grants to the children of incarcerated cannabis prisoners. Recipients are allowed to use the grant any way that they need, such as for rent, groceries, school supplies, or utility bills.


Most of the inmates LPP helps are in single-parent households. As you can imagine, making ends meet is hard, let alone supporting kids and their passions. Children of incarcerated parents have big dreams, too — like Cleer Cooper, who wants to pursue law school or fashion school in New York.

It’s Our Responsibility to Help

We’re thankful for the privilege to use and sell House of Wise products, knowing that many people are still suffering from cannabis criminalization. That's why intervention, advocacy, and awareness is key to moving forward as a society. 

LPP is holding the cannabis retail industry accountable. They're making important strides in policy reform and justice that just can’t wait. Stand with House of Wise and LPP as we empower all women to create better futures for themselves and their families. 

To learn more about Last Prisoner Project, visit 

Want to join us in this fight? Shop House of Wise products and donate directly to Last Prisoner Project. 

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