Growing House of Wise: A 2021 Year in Review

Dec 16, 2021Maria West0 comments

Get out the smash cake: House of Wise turned one this month, and we’re celebrating what this past year has meant for us and women everywhere. From moving out of our founder’s garage operation to raising a $2 million seed round, there were a lot of notable milestones for our baby book.

A refresher on who we are: House of Wise is a luxury CBD and wellness brand that empowers women to take control of their wellness routines. We offer full-spectrum CBD products while supporting women through community, content, and trusted products.

And it’s working. We’re proud of the traction this community of women has made by taking control of our stress, sleep, sex, strength, and wealth.

“Our first core value at HoW is ‘We are humans first.’ Sales are growing, and brand awareness increases because of the people championing the products and brand.” — Amanda Goetz, founder and CEO, House of Wise

Read more of Amanda's thoughts on our first year in our founder Q&A.  And keep scrolling to let our 2021 accomplishments do the talking.

Year 1 by the Numbers

In the last year, we've generated . . .

💦 77,950 orgasms (and counting)

😴 39,505 nights of sleep 

🛀 32,950​ days de-stressed 

💪 3,290 fueled workouts

 We've grown to . . .

💗 10.6K Instagram followers

👑 700+ Wise Women

🎁 15 new SKUs

👩‍🏫 3 in-house experts

We've secured . . .

💰 ​$2.6M in funding

📰 1.9B media impressions

✈ 2 team offsite events

We've maintained . . .

🚀 1 mission to empower women to own their wellness routines

Our Favorite 2021 Milestones

Trying to launch, fundraise, and scale a direct-to-consumer brand during a pandemic is nothing short of challenging. Despite odds stacked against us as a female-founded company in a still-taboo industry, the wins along the way make it all worth it.

Here are some of our favorite highlights from this year:

December 1, 2020: Launched House of Wise!

January: Secured the first 100 Wise Women

Read more about our earliest Wise Women like Amanda Natividad.

February: Started monthly "How Does She Do It All?" series on Clubhouse

Read some of our favorite interviews, like this one with Hitha Palepu.

March: Elevated personal stories from Last Prisoner Project

Read more about our partnership with Last Prisoner Project, a nonprofit that fights criminal injustice and drug policy restoration.

April: Moved from Amanda’s garage operation to a warehouse

May: Celebrated Masturbation May with our new in-house sex expert

Meet our in-house sex expert, Dr. Kate Balestrieri.

June: Raised $2 million seed round led by Sugar Capital

We raised $2 million in funding, Introduced monthly subscriptions, and took a team field trip to Colorado.

July: Added Build Your Own Kit (BYOK)

Our new Build Your Own Kit lets you mix and match your favorite gummies and drops.

August: Launched new Sex Serum and Sex Kit

Wise Woman Candice B. called the House of Wise Sex Serum "not a lube, more like an orgasm cocktail." Also, Kate Hudson shared our brand on her social media (NBD).

September: Launched Strength Gummy

Along with our Strength Gummy, we welcomed our in-house Strength expert, Ariel Belgrave.

October: We had our biggest month in sales thus far

And we added Sleep expert Dr. Kristen Casey to our In-House Council.

November: Added gift cards

We rolled out gift cards, House of Wise merchandise, and candles. 

December 1, 2021: Celebrated HoW’s first birthday

Whew! Who’s ready for 2022? Join us for what’s to come — keep scrolling down to sign up for our weekly newsletter and never miss a celebration.

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