A Gift Guide For Anyone Who Could Use Some Stress Relief

May 11, 2021Maria West0 comments

Stress relief gifts make great options for birthdays, graduations, and other special days. But it’s hard to choose something wow-worthy when your Amazon searches bring up the basics (your friend doesn’t need another eye mask). Just in time for Mental Health Awareness Month, we’re sharing five stress-relief gifts that are anything but basic.

1. Natural, inspirational candles

Candles are the ultimate go-to stress-relief gift. But a+FFIRMATION CULTURE candles aren’t your average mall-store candle. These coconut-waxy goods are clean-burning and natural, with inspirational quotes like, “I am confident. I am strong. I am enough.”

This gift doubles as a movement in the right direction toward equality and justice. Along with her soul-centering candles, founder Monique Brown creates “call for justice” candles that support causes like the Black Lives Matter movement.



2. At-home stress test

We know you have that friend who has tried everything to soothe their chronic stress. Help them get more in tune with their body with this wellness find.

Base is an at-home lab testing kit for sleep, stress, diet, energy, sex drive — you name it. Backed by doctors and scientific methods, Base uses blood and saliva samples to calculate your personalized wellness score. Stress testing starts with measuring cortisol levels so you can track and address your nutrition and lifestyle changes.

3. CBD gummies and drops

CBD oil can promote calm and focus for the workday without a high. Safe to use day or night, CBD is stealing the stress-relief scene.

We created House of Wise STRESS CBD gummies and drops to help women take back control of the day. The natural, hemp-derived CBD is blended with the active ingredient L-theanine for calming effects. These pair well with any of the other gifts to give your friend the gift of peace.

4. Acupressure mat

Can laying on a mat full of spikes help you feel restored, energized, and stress-free? Absolutely. That’s what the Spoonk acupressure mats do using the magic of Shiatsu massage. Buy one of the mats at buddhi (owned by a Wise Woman!) and proceeds go to support people undergoing cancer treatment.

Acupressure can relieve muscle tension and pain, restoring balance to the nervous system and boosting blood circulation. Just don’t leave this on your living room floor or your friend (or Tinder date) will never leave.

5. Cooling pillow

Paired with a quality bedtime routine, sleeping in a cool environment can help lower stress levels for a refreshed morning. Besides, anyone living in a climate with warm summers knows night sweats are sneaky and no fun.

8Sleep’s Carbon Air Pillow helps control temperature, promotes airflow, and reduces heat from an overworked brain (probably). This thoughtful gift is drool-worthy and drool-inducing.

Pair one (or a few) of these creative picks with a note to your friend about what you appreciate about them — you’ll make their day.

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