How Do I Use CBD Oil? 4 Tips for CBD Dosing

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CBD (cannabidiol) is taking the self-care industry by storm. But while you may be able to get oils, edibles, and vape easily over the counter, CBD dosing can be confusing for any buyer. If you’re ready to try CBD products, here’s what you need to know.

Dosing is even more complex when you go between products. And don’t get us started on inconsistent units of measurement (can we just freaking use the metric system already?).

CBD from the inside out 

We’re seeing regular women use CBD to help champion sleep, sex, and stress. That’s because hemp-derived CBD doesn’t have the amount of psychoactive THC to get you high (unlike marijuana), but comes with the same therapeutic effects. 

CBD impacts your body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), which plays a big role in your brain and nervous system. Your ESC is involved with internal signals like pain, stress, sleep, and more. When ingested, CBD helps the ESC create new cannabinoids and address imbalances. In other words, it’s a total-body thing. 

But how much do you need?

Getting your CBD dosage right can take time, but it’s worth putting to the test. Here are four things to know about CBD dosing before you try it.

1. It’s personal

Like alcohol, your tolerance for CBD may be different than your BFF’s. Your body weight, intended effect, and context of taking it will determine the appropriate dosage. 

For example, a 120-lb woman might only need 15mg while a 250-lb man might need 25mg to experience mild-medium effects. 

Consistency and careful tracking are crucial to figuring out what works for you. If you’re taking other medications, your doctor can help decide on dosing and frequency.  

Read from real women on how CBD makes them feel during sex, for stress release, and for sleep here: How Our CBD Makes You Feel, As Told By Wise Women 

2. Product quality matters

The good news: You can find over-the-counter CBD products like oil, gummies, and vape juice in most states, but they’re not currently regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

The bad news: crappy CBD products are out there. 

Check for labels like organic, cruelty-free, vegan, and kosher. House of Wise is produced from local farms outside of Denver, CO. We test every batch multiple times during the extraction and production process to ensure quality and consistency.  

3. Full-spectrum gives the best entourage effect

CBD extract comes in one of three types: full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolate. These describe the varying levels of processing after the oil is extracted. Like your chipping gel mani, the less it’s messed with, the better. 

The entourage effect 

The entourage effect is the synergy created by the chemicals reacting together to create a more therapeutic output. Here’s how each type is defined:

  • Full-spectrum CBD has more than 80 cannabinoids from the hemp plant with <0.3% of THC (aka not enough to produce a high). This party of chemicals creates the entourage effect you want. 
  • Broad-spectrum CBD is the same as full-spectrum but with the THC completely removed. This makes it a more processed option while creating a less-impactful entourage effect.
  • CBD isolate is only the CBD property without all the party (aka no entourage effect). CBD isolate products are either artificial or pulled from the hemp extract. 

House of Wise products are all full-spectrum, hemp-derived CBD oil.

4. Pairs well with food

Yes, we get to talk about grub! Taking your CBD with a meal or snack is best as the food helps to absorb it. But a celery stick may not be your go-to pal. Opt for food with the “f” word. Food high in fat can quadruple your CBD absorption vs. without it. Make healthy fat like avocados, oils, and meat part of your balanced diet for optimal results. 

Too much/too little CBD?

As you can imagine, the wrong dosage can mess with more than just your future supply. Follow the dosing guidelines but if you feel you've taken more than you can handle, you may become lethargic or experience other minor symptoms (like super-fun diarrhea) if you take too much. With too little, it just won’t be effective. 

Like too much of anything, there is a threshold where it becomes toxic; however, you’d have to take around 20,000mg/20g of CBD isolate in one day for it to be dangerous. Every person reacts differently, though, so listen to your body (and your doctor).

How to find the right dose

We know — it’s exciting to try CBD for the first time. The gummies are seriously cute and yummy, so it can be tempting to start popping them. But don’t do that.

Start by checking the recommended dosage on your product label (HOW is 1 gummy or 1 ml), then take half. See how you feel, waiting about an hour. Work your way up to a stronger dosage as needed.

CBD dosage chart: How much CBD should I try?

CBD Dosage Chart for House of Wise products: How much CBD should I try?

You’ll be on your way to a new YOU in no time. But if it doesn’t work immediately, no worries. You have plenty of time to figure it out. 

If you’re ready to try CBD, start with a quality product women are raving about like House of Wise SLEEP, STRESS, or SEX tinctures and gummies.

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