Our Expert's Top 5 Gifts That Give the Precious Gift of Sleep

Nov 22, 2021Nancy Einhart0 comments

Our in-house sleep expert Dr. Kristen Casey helps people sleep better for a living, so you should probably listen to her advice. We asked her to share her holiday gift ideas for anyone on your list who is struggling with sleep and trying to get more ZZZs.

Here are five recommendations, straight from a therapist who specializes in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia, also known as CBT-I. Let's hope these gifts will help someone in your life to de-stress and sleep more deeply in 2022.

Dr. Teal's Epsom Salt Bath Soaking Solution: Soothe and Sleep

Taking a bath is a great way to spend your "buffer time" or bedtime routine. House of Wise CEO Amanda Goetz swears by her "commute bath" to transition from mom mode to sleep mode. Make your nightly bath ritual even more effective with Dr. Teal's Epsom Salt Bath Soaking Solution Soothe & Sleep. Lavender essential oil is said to relax the mind and help you transition to bedtime, while epsom sat eases aches and pains. More symbolically, taking a bath is a great ritual to wash away the stress from the day.

Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker

Dr. Casey advises her patients to avoid looking at their phones one hour before bedtime. Reading (or listening to) a book is a much better way to unwind. A thoughtful book is always a great gift idea, and Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams is one of Dr. Casey's favorite books about sleep. Written by Dr. Matthew Walker, a professor of neuroscience and psychology at UC Berkeley, Why We Sleep explores the biological need for sleep and why we as humans are facing an epidemic of sleep loss.

Mavogel Sleep Eye Mask

Darkness and cool temperatures are both essential for good sleep, but not everyone has the energy or the money to redecorate their bedroom and install effective blackout curtains. An easier solution is the Mavogel Sleep Eye Mask, which is ultra-soft and comes with an adjustable strap. A sleep mask is an especially great gift for people whose bed partners wake up earlier or go to bed later than they do.

Uttermara Sherpa Fleece Weighted Blanket

The Uttermara Sherpa Fleece Weighted Blanket is more of a self-care product, because weighted blankets can really help when you're feeling anxious. "If you are stressed, it's a threat to your being and your psyche, and you're not going to go to sleep," Dr. Casey says. "You can't possibly be relaxed and anxious at the same time." Curl up under this weighted blanket as you wind down your day. It's recommended that you choose a blanket weighing about 10 percent of your body weight plus one pound for maximum coziness.

House of Wise Sleep Drops

The House of Wise Sleep Drops combine 5mg melatonin and 25mg of Full Spectrum hemp-derived CBD to help you unwind and sleep through the night. These drops don't knock you out; they will gently lull you to sleep. Each bottle contains 15 drops for (fingers crossed) 15 nights of good sleep. Plus, the 15 ml bottles are small enough to stuff into a stocking.

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