Everyone has their own rituals that make them feel sexy, relaxed, and connected. While some enjoy fancy meals, others prefer intimate stay-cations, and some crave a lot more spice.

Whether you're in a relationship and planning a getaway, or you're headed out on a date you hope ends with sex, you may want to pack a few items to aid your pleasure. Keep reading for our recommendations for the ultimate sexy overnight kit.

Nakey Muff Masque

We spend money and time pampering our face, but what about our vulva area? Nakey’s sheet masks help combat irritation and ingrowns, alleviate skin dryness, condition hair, ease discomfort, and reduce inflammation. This is your opportunity to add intention to your intimacy routine by pampering yourself first.

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Mentionables Lingerie

We all appreciate a good set of intimates, especially when they are affordable. Mentionables makes lingerie that is racy but also beautiful. Regardless if you're wearing crotchless teddies or babydolls, choose something that makes you feel the most sexy. Don't wait for Valentine’s day to feel your hottest self: put on whatever makes you feel good and leave your partner (or mirror!) stunned. 

House of Wise Sex Gummies

These gummies are a must-have in the bedroom. Made with full-spectrum CBD, horny goat weed extract (yup, that's what it's called), maca root extract, and ashwagandha extract, House of Wise Sex Gummies are designed to promote sexual desire and arousal for solo and partnered sex. Take one gummy 30 to 45 minutes before getting busy to increase arousal and blood flow.

Dame Sex Toys

Take your pleasure to the next level with Dame's thoughtfully engineered and elegantly designed sex toys. This woman-founded company makes sex oils, vibrators, and lube. Regardless if you’re with a partner or not, a sex toy can add extra fun between the sheets.

Maude Shine Lubricant

What's an overnight intimacy kit without a lubricant? Made with moisturizing aloe, Maude Shine Lubricant is organic and ultra-hydrating. The pH-balanced formula is glycerin and paraben-free. 

The Killer Boric Acid Suppositories

Most of us have suffered through uncomfortable yeast infections, which can sometimes occur after sex. Thanks to Love Wellness’s The Killer (Boric Acid Suppositories), you can prevent potential yeast infections before they happen. Just insert one of the vaginal suppositories after sex to help balance pH and maintain healthy yeast levels.

Woo More Play Freshies

If you’ve been looking for an "after-play" wipe, look no more, because these are about to change your life. Use these Freshies wipes after "physical activity" (wink, wink) to cleanse and hydrate your skin. These wipes are not only good for cleansing but also for soothing any inflammations that may occur. Use the code WOOWISE for 20 percent off across the site.

7 Essentials to Pack in Your Overnight Intimacy Kit

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