5 Sexy Activewear Pieces That Deserve to be Seen Outside the Gym

Sep 28, 2021Balim Tezel0 comments

Let’s face it: after a long year and a half spent inside, we are all getting back into a routine, a bit slowly. For many of us, it’s harder than ever to get out of our warm beds at the crack of dawn to work out or move our bodies after a full day at work.


If you’re like me and are having a hard time getting back into a workout routine, I got you. The solution: sexy workout clothes! After living life 6 feet apart from everyone else, we deserve a good comeback. These five activewear pieces are not only comfortable but also extremely flattering and supportive. So keep reading and thank me later.

Alo Yoga Diagonal Flex Bra

Alo Yoga Diagonal Flex Bra ($62)

This bra is not only perfect for the gym but also for a night out. It’s worth showing off and makes a lasting impression on its viewers. Let's be real: the asymmetric silhouette and triangle cutout is an impressive match.


Adam Selman Sport French Cut Legging

Adam Selman Sport French Cut Legging ($155)

These leggings come with a guarantee to turn heads. You heard it right: these Adam Selman Sport French Cut Leggings will make you the most stylish person in the room, whether it be a coffee shop or workout class.

Carter Bike Shorts

Carter Bike Shorts ($88)

Who says biker shorts can’t be sexy? Not us. These breathable shorts with a banded V-front will be greatly flattering around your waist and will take your sweat session to the next level. Pair with a cropped t-shirt for a sexy daytime look.

Girlfriend Collective Lola Bra

Girlfriend Collective Lola Bra ($42)

All we have to say is: WOW. This luxuriously soft and lightweight bra is perfect to wear on any occasion. Pair with skin tight leggings and see the wonders it brings.

Spiritual Gangster Wide Rib Scoop Bra

Spiritual Gangster Wide Rib Scoop Bra ($58)

This bra is the whole package: sexy, flattering, functional. Made to fit the studio and the street, the wide scoop bra is not only soft but also very supportive. You won’t be disappointed with this design.

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