Women have had a year, to say the least. Many of us took on a lot of extra responsibilities (hello, WFH while homeschooling). If there’s ever been a year where we deserve an amazing Valentine’s Day, it’s this year. That’s why we’re setting our eyes on some treats from women-owned businesses to spice things up while supporting each other.

A floppy rose and box of chocolates won’t cut it. Our 2021 Valentines gift guide is for the woman who has and does it all. Find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your  babe (or yourself) with our curated list of women-owned gifts. 

Something sweet

Cute, yummy, or somewhere between, Valentine’s is all about sweets for your sweetie. Here’s what’s got us drooling.

You-pick dinner and dessert

Order takeout or dine outside at a favorite spot (her pick, of course). Pick up a luscious dessert from your local bakery without peeping at the calories. They don’t count. You can use Yelp to search for BIPOC- or women-owned businesses — maybe you’ll even find a new go-to. Pair with a nice champagne and you’re flying off to Satisfaction Town.  

Cookie delivery

Baking is cool and all, but have you ever had cute dessert delivered right to your door? Cookie delivery companies, like one of these options, send a box of treats right to you or your loved one. *Adds to speed dial* This is a great option for social-distanced gifts if you’re unable to be with family or an SO right now.


More cute-sweet than sugar-sweet, stickers are a great gift for the gal with personality (and who knows it). We love this Sticker of the Month Club subscription for decorating workspaces and personal items with flair. Bonus points: it’s created by our very own social media manager and Wise Woman, Jess!

Soothing and serene

We could all use a little serenity. 2021 is the year for self-care, and we’re making sure everyone knows it. These soothing gifts can fit right into a gift basket or box to add a little ahhh to your surprise. 


Valentine’s Day is all about fueling your fire. And some literal (small) fire can add a perfect touch to set the mood. Candles make a great addition to any Valentine’s Day gift that will last for months to follow.

Bypass the mall and check out NEOM Organics candles for better sleep, energy, and stress relief. Or opt for a confidence-boosting “100% That Girl” candle from black-owned Johanna Howard collection. We’re all just out here trying to make Lizzo proud, right? 

CBD for sleep

CBD (short for cannabidiol) is gaining popularity as an alternative to sleep aids.  Free of the crap that makes you groggy, House of Wise SLEEP CBD gummies and tinctures use the power of Melatonin and CBD to help you feel rested and stay asleep. Every parent knows feeling well-rested is priceless.  

"I purchased your SLEEP gummies as soon as you launched as a gift for my wife for Christmas. She has incredibly bad insomnia and we have been working to get away from things like Ambien to help her sleep. I have to tell you the gummies are amazing and help SO much. I cannot recommend House of Wise enough and I am SO impressed with what you are doing! Thank you so much.” - Eric H. 

Bath bombs

We’re convinced water has healing powers. Bath bombs, like these from Whipped Up Wonderful, are a great way to level up your experience with aromatherapeutic benefits. Oh, and it’s oh-so-satisfying to watch them fizz. CBD + epic bath = ultimate relaxation. 

Seductive surprises

These will help any woman tap into desire and boost confidence. Partner optional. 


The classic Valentine’s Day gift pick, lingerie is a way to say, “You’re beautiful and your body deserves to glow.” This year, celebrate body positivity and women-owned businesses like Mentionables, which uses model-free product styling. You’ll have to use your very vivid imagination to pick the best (and hottest) look. 

Sex CBD gummies

House of Wise also has a SEX line of CBD products to help boost sexy vibes and libido. With organic ingredients like horny goat weed (yes, that’s a real thing) and a fruity flavor, they’re fun to take, too. It’s the luxurious, unique valentine that keeps on giving — read our 5 tips on how to have better sex this year. 

Weekend away 

We’ve all been cooped up for too long. Make plans for a steamy Valentine’s weekend away or for the future when you’re comfortable traveling. 

For instance, you can take a social-distance friendly camping trip or opt for an Airbnb instead of a hotel. Women make up over half of Airbnb hosts around the world, so you should be able to find a well-rated host in your destination. 

Find something you like?

Ladies: buy something for yourself or casually text this list to your SO. Gals, 2021 is the year we’re not waiting for permission to ask for what we want. And we’re sure as hell going to support each other when we can. Wise Women support women. 

Gifters: for the ultimate wow-factor, choose one thing from each category and bundle them into a gift basket. You can thank us later. 

Shop House of Wise CBD products to make it the best V-tines Day yet. 

The Wise Woman’s 2021 Valentine's Gift Guide: Unique Ideas from Women-Owned Businesses

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