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Sex gummies
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HOW Gummies Cube
CBD Sex Gummies (10ct.)
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Stress gummies women men
CBD Stress Gummies (10ct.)
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CBD Strength Gummies (10ct.)
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CBD Face Serum
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Sex Kit Review
Nikki R.Verified Customer

I was having trouble with libido & just feeling in the mood after a medication. I tried the gummies & kit & fell in love with all the products. So worth it. I just ordered two more packs of gummies!

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Sex Gummies Review
Denise A.Verified Customer

I often have a hard time relaxing enough to O. This little gummy gets me out of my head and into the mood. My husband has even tried them and likes the effect that they have on him. Sharing is caring in a big O way!

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Stress Gummies Review
Audrey G.Verified Customer

I absolutely love the stress gummies! They're also a great alternative to the sleep ones, if you don't like to take melatonin, but they also work great during the day. The taste is delicious!

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Strength Candle Review
Nigel F.Verified Customer

I teach yoga classes almost every night in order to help people with their energy, breathing, strength and soul. This candle lets the class know that we're ready to focus, and we are about to get in the zone.

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Sleep Gummies Review
AuthorVerified Customer

My absolute favorite sleep aid I’ve tried. I usually only take a half a gummy when I need help to chill out and fall asleep…so the pack lasts long!! Such a great deal and the best thing to turn my anxious Mom brain off at night.

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You could get a positive drug test from using cannabis products like CBD oil. CBD itself won’t show up on a drug test, but small traces of THC may be found (HOW products are 0.3% THC or less). If you are expecting to take a drug test anytime soon, play it safe and wait to resume CBD usage afterward.

Although our packaging may say it is made for women, this product can be used by all.

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